This is the boys’ first year on a hockey team (with coach Dad too!).  You may have caught some season pictures on my Facebook or Instagram and here are a couple new ones.  The boys are #18 and #21.

PS.  If pics don’t show today, I’ll reload and repost 🙂




Music Games

Getting ready for some fun games:  rhythm parrot, musical treasure hunt, alphabet (musical) staircase!

Thank you to our piano teacher!!

Minnehaha Falls

Great weekend to be outside!


Parking App

Suzuki and MacPhail parents, have you seen this app?  Sweet!  No more standing at the pay box in the rain/cold while running late!

Dia de Los Muertos


Halloween Recital

The children wore costumes for the recital and all did an awesome  job as players and listeners!  

Trick or treat!


Happy Halloween 


Monkey Bars

All the gymnastics helping R rock out on the monkey bars!

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Perfect on a rainy day!



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