Week Three

Historic Fort Snelling

It was a cool and windy day, and layering-up before hand payed off on our visit to Historic Fort Snelling.
Miles and Parker took turns playing the ‘stick and hoop’ game.  Ruby liked the fabric, hand-sewn dolls, wooden dominoes, and small fabric balls.  The historian said that girls practiced their sewing skills by making their own dolls.  It was also a way to use fabric scraps.  The simplicity of the games’ names and components are refreshing, as compared to some modern toys today.

Miles practiced walking with stilts.   We also played the game ‘graces’ for quite some time.  One player tosses a wooden hoop (the size of a dinner plate) off their two long drum sticks to the other player who is also holding two long drum sticks.  The goal is to catch the hoop using one of your sticks.  Although it is easier said than done, it was really fun.

We played games for a long time, and also attended the music, laundry, and cooking demonstrations.


We continue to listen to our Suzuki Book 1 and 2 discs first thing in the morning.  We have added the study of one composer per month, and October’s is Johann Sebastian Bach.  We listened to Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, read a short biography, and looked at pictures of Bach. Classics for Kids has served as a good source for music, information, and games. Miles also practices Chant Arabe, Eccosaise, Play a Fourth, Waltzing Elephants, parts of a Hanon exercise daily, although the time spent on each piece varies. He also figures out different songs on the piano, such as the theme song to Spiderman or Inspector Gadget.


We planted pea and sunflower seeds and will see what happens when some get water and sunlight, don’t get water or sunlight, and don’t get water.  We will also learn about plant life cycle.

Health and Wellness

After Miles’ dental check-up, we tried an experiment from the Minnesota Dental Association.  This egg is soaking in vinegar (a mild acid), and the egg shell is similar to the coating of teeth.  So this egg will not be brushing it’s teeth for a day or so.

The next day, the egg shell was very soft and Miles punctured it with a pencil.  Good thing this was one of those eggs from the recall, and we couldn’t eat it anyway.

We continue to meet friends at the park every day after school, and we usually stay for a couple hours (sometimes more after a potty and book break in the park building).  It is a highlight of our day – connecting with friends and parents.  We bike there, and usually Miles goes a minimum of  2 miles by the end of the day.

One chilly morning we biked to Howe play park, which is one of Parker’s favorites.

Miles learned yoga poses in kindergarten, and enjoyed the session on the Kids Pizza Party DVD from the library.

Language Arts

These balloons each contain a different type of poetry.  Unfortunately Ruby really wants to get them down and pop them, so I am looking forward to getting through this poetry unit.  Miles has popped one so far, and wrote his own 5 W’s poem about Legos.

Ruby is playing the Pumpkin in our production of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (from the book with the same title by Linda Williams).  We will all play a part or two and then rotate so that the boys also get a chance to be the pumpkin.

We continue to read many Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne.

Math and Logic

Miles worked on various worksheets.  He finds ways nearly every day to chat about math.  We played clock bingo to practice time telling.

We are keeping a tally of songs practiced, and later will donate coins per song to a Minnesota food shelf or a Salvation Army bell ringer in the winter (the boys are still deciding).

Art and Social Studies

Miles’ spooky Halloween diorama.  As a study of holiday and customs we read a story about The Jack of the Lantern and history of pumpkin carving.  

We mixed up batches of play and clay doughs, and Miles created an Egyptian boat and pottery.  We read from The World of Pyramids by Anne Millard.

Mill City Museum

Lego Creations

Miles and Parker delve into our extensive Lego and manual collections when they need ‘down time’.  They created this castle from an old manual.  They are very good at improvising and customizing.

Miles created a stand where a guy can get his camera fixed.  There were many other creative, original works from the past two weeks, including hover crafts, a plane, and a pyramid.  Miles’ Lego works have increased since the weather has cooled off this fall.


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