Week Ten

Snow What Fun!

Language Arts

Feeling pretty green…finally found a fun use for some old pie weight beans and mismatched, too-small baby socks.  You may be wondering why we even have these things lying around. Well me too, but they came handy in the construction of a sight word bean-bag game.  To play:  toss sock-bag at game board, read card (Parker says letters if he doesn’t know word), two points for the Twins sock, one for the other ones.  Miles keeps tally.  Change word cards after every round.

Starfall about artist Georges Seurat, whose pointillism works inspired some of our own art creations.


Sponge Bob board game to practice Suzuki books 1 and 2, theory, and other favorite songs (themes to shows).

Miles really likes to play Indian Song (Alfred’s Piano Book 1A, by Willard A. Palmer et. al). It is to be played ‘moderately, like tom-toms’.  Loosely following How to Make a Tom Tom Drum, Miles and Parker created their own.

Tying into our recent group music class, we cut mitten shapes and wrote the letters ‘F’ ‘A’ ‘C’, and ‘E’ on each.  Miles and Parker used them to label the spaces of the treble cleff.  We used M&Ms for notes, named them, and you know the rest (get it?, ‘rest’…).

Famous composer of the month is Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, and one of his works is The Nutcracker Suite.  We checked out his pictures and music at Squidoo, as well as a part of the Nutcracker.  Some of the boys’ favorites were March of the Toy Soldiers and Sugar Plum Fairy.

Trip to the University Club of Saint Paul

The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is offering Coffee Concerts this winter, and we went to the University Club to see Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B minor, opus 115.  Thanks to the Internet, we watched a performance of  Brahms Quintet on YouTube.


Getting paint colors mixed and drawings ready for pointillism (using dots of color, similar to artist Georges Seurat) project.

Pointillism with ideas from The Art Classroom.  Mesa County’s School District’s powerpoint about Georges Seurat and his work.

Tour at the Minneapolis Art Institute with friends.  Thank you to everyone who came!  Some of the pieces we saw were by artists Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Van Gogh.

Ruby enjoying a book in the family room after our tour.

Math and Logic

Using a Hundreds Chart, Miles put O cereal onto all the odd numbers.

Hungry ‘gator is back.  In this last picture, Miles recorded the sum of two dice on lines across from each other.  Then he drew the correct ‘gator sign.

Number Bingo.  We used a variety of items such as simple addition facts, even and odd numbers, their age, their age in two years, and so on.

Miles measured all of our heights using the mitten pictured and then recorded it on a graph chart (work in progress).


Will it float or sink?  Miles crafted a foil boat and experimented with how much weight it could hold before it sank.

The genesis of a paper mache solar system.  We got help about colors of planets from Bright Hub.

Look at planets at NASA‘s and National Geographic‘s sites for kids.

All this snow and talk of Santa got us thinking about cold places, arctic animals and the tundra.  Some favorite books were A Tundra Food Chain by Rebecca Wojahan and Tundra by Peter Benoit. We played a game found at Second Grade Science File Folder Games.

Social Studies

Miles and Parker practiced their address and phone number and using a simple map.  We liked Mapping Towns and Cities by Rob Walker for activities.

Health and Wellness

Tis the season to be in the kitchen, and Miles and Parker chose many recipes to try from My Favorite Recipes by Annabel Karmel.  So far the grape and orange juice popsicles (not mixed) are a hit (juice poured into popsicle molds).

Our first sledding adventure this winter!

Parker makes it up the steep hill.


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