Week Eleven


Miles and Parker both performed Jingle Bells in duets with Dad at the MacPhail Holiday Concert…very proud of you!  We enjoyed foosball and lunch with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dave afterward.

Listening to Suzuki Books 1 and 2 and Jazz on iTunes (Holiday Jazz on JazzRadio) while decorating ‘Hat Rest’ Snowmen. Reviewed Moonlight on the Magic Flute by Mary Pope Osborne (a story about Mozart) and read Young Mozart by Rachel Isadora.

Minuet in G minor (Klavier Suite in G minor, J. S. Bach) was Miles’ favorite to play this week and Parker’s was Indian Song.  Miles gave Ruby a lesson, and she plays part of Hot Cross Buns and then bows (and claps for herself).


Heading in for our class at Como Zoo

Blue tongued skink


Tulip the baby hedgehog

Asic (named after the running shoe) the red-footed tortoise.  Don’t be fooled by what you’ve heard about the sluggishness of these fellows.  This guy got out of his cage mid-class and made a run for the gathering rug (he can really get his groove on…for a tortoise).

During our Life at the Zoo Class, the instructor brought out four  ’embassador’ animals.  We learned how these animals use their senses to find food and then made ‘enrichment’ treats (food presented in a new way) for animals.  Before we left, we got to observe the animals using our enrichments.

Koi fish in the Conservatory

First things first.  The forest diorama box was turned into a fort before we could start working the habitat.

The start of our coniferous and deciduous forest dioramas.  We have plans for lift-the-flaps bat cave and bear den, three dimensional beaver den, and underground area for worms and moles (set into a cereal box lying on its side).  Forest Explorer by Nic Bishop and What’s in a Log? are two favorites from our stack on forests.

Math and Logic

Shapes with toothpicks and left-over gingerbread house candy.  Miles declared that he wanted to ‘do this activity every month!’.

Traced everyone’s feet, measured with ruler, recorded numbers on graph, analyzed the data (I know, big things for a smart first-grader).  Project idea from Home Share.

Game similar to Ten Apples Up on Top, but changed to say ‘Poke’ (for Pokemon, due to its popularity around here these days).  Game cards have questions to practice adding and subtracting by 2s, such as ‘What is 2 more than 28?’.

True or False game.  Practicing math facts and sentences.

Language Arts

We read Magic Tricks by Sindy McKay and made our own sight word card game.  To play, write single letters on small cards.  On larger cards write word endings such as ick, ie, ay, ail, ight, ame.  Players take three larger cards and then take turns choosing one smaller card and make words. Miles and Parker wrote letters to Santa.  Miles practiced his spelling, punctuation, and capitalizations.

Re-read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. Beforehand, everyone put a post-it with an ‘L’ on their left foot and one with an ‘R’ on their right.  Then whenever we’d read ‘left foot’ or ‘right foot’,  we’d kick up the corresponding foot.  Well, it started out that way, but then false, giggly kickings punctuated the reading towards the end of the book, which was pretty fun and silly too.

Word bingo using Poke cards as markers (which are out and played with a lot this week).

Ruby reading along (repeating letters and sounds) with Bob Book Listen and Read 1 by Bobby Lynn Maslen and  John R. Maslen.


Salt dough ornaments (recipe from The Happy House Wife).

Social Studies

Ruby the Viking

We watched How to Train Your Dragon, and this inspired the construction of some viking helmets and an indoor game of sea serpents.  The BBC’s Primary website answered lots of questions about vikings.  Miles wanted to know what they eat.

Health and Wellness We continue to honor and enjoy the midday play park adventure.

Playing musical feet (from Home Share).  First tape traced feet to the floor.  Then play music and dance around.  When the music stops, step on colored feet.

With the help of some friends (and their wonderful parents!) we decorated gingerbread houses.


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