Week Twelve

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


The Gingerbread game.  Start with an outline of a gingerbread person and a song chart and gingerbread parts to draw on the bottom.  To play,  Miles chooses a song and then draws the corresponding gingerbread decoration.  He went pretty quickly and really liked this game.

Parker’s turn.  The little playing pieces were Hershey kisses and the guys and Ruby got to eat them after the game.

Stocking shaped board game.  Squares have a note or rest to name and a song to play (or they may choose a song to play).

Check out Parker’s curved fingers while playing…great form!

Roll the dice and play that note game.

Listening to Suzuki discs, jazz Christmas music on iTunes, and to ‘Bach for my baby’ and ‘Mozart for my baby’ discs.


Color mix paintings

Wax resist painting with watercolors (also called magic painting around here).  First draw shapes or letters using white crayon (lay it on thick for best results).  Second paint over with watercolor.  The seemingly-invisible shape or letters will ‘magically’ appear.

Language Arts

Sliding back during an action word relay game.  Wrote action words on cards (run, slide, crawl, walk, hop, etc.).  Miles chose a card and did that action down the hall to Parker, then Parker did the same.  Miles read the card for Parker if he didn’t know the word.

Parker working on printing

Our drama play of The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth starring Ruby as the Meadow Mouse, Miles as the Fox, and Parker as the Bear.  The sleeping bags started out as a stage prop mitten, and ended up being lots of fun to play in.

Snaps to Ginger Snaps site for snowglobe project.

Sorting things out after watching a Star Wars movie…who’s naughty and who’s nice

Nokomis Library.  We returned home with many Star Wars books in our tall stack.

Math and Logic

Clock bingo

Game boards from DTLK

Doughnut math, similar to Rowdy in First Grade.  We wrote the number in the smallest and middle circle (they’re in green) and Miles fills out the rest (his are in pencil).

Grab the Candy game.  Roll two dice, one regular and one with with A-F on each side.  Put a marker in that coordinate.  I can see this coordinate practice transferring to some coordination of actual candy grabbing in the near future…  Grabbed this sweet game idea from MathWire.

Social Studies

Working on the map at Mill City Museum.  Nice tie-in to our science study of deciduous and coniferous forests in Minnesota.

Worked on it together and finished!  Go team (I don’t have a non-blurry picture of the finished project, but everyone stood triumphantly on the top).

Health and Wellness

Biking in December!

Continuing our play park outings.  It’s not too chilly to swing or pass the soccer ball.

Indoor hide and seek.  Parker usually counts to 100!  Go Park!

DK’s Children’s Cookbook recipe for tofu stir-fry and dippers and dips.  We’ve been making lots of cookies and bread.

Is an orange sweeter on one end?  We tried Sunkist’s experiment and couldn’t really decide if the blossom end was sweeter.

Ruby helping with homemade oatmeal bread.  Recipe on the bag of King Arthur’s Bread flour.

Pretzels dunked in chocolate.

Once again, pretzels meet chocolate.


Fave reads Moose by Ann O. Squire and Centipede by Patrick Merrick.  Ice is Nice by Bonnie Worth was a good review of the North and South Poles.

Hike in Oak Savanna in River Gorge along Mississippi River.

Played ‘beaver or chainsaw?’, but never spotted a tree felled by a beaver.

Looking for possible animal and bird homes in the trees.

According to a posted sign, this savanna is part of Minnesota’s tiny area of savanna grasslands that are undisturbed.

Adding wetlands, water, and beaver lodge.  Learning Ladders’ Animal Homes helped us with habitat details.

Scavenger hunt along wetland restoration along Minnehaha Creek

A few scavenger hunt items found were two types of leaves, listen to a woodpecker, and sight three nests

Making good use of two walking sticks

Miles favorite seeds and tree

You won’t be hearing from us for a couple weeks, as we’ll be taking a school and bloggy break!  Thank you for checking in on some of our learning adventures this year.  See you next year.


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