Week Fifteen


DK’s Children’s book of Art for Claude Monet, French impressionist.  Learning about Monet, Wikipedia.

Monet and the Impressionists for Kids by Carol Sabbeth for Monet’s ‘The Stroll‘ and cloud drawing, using crayon resist and water colors. Read Little Cloud by Eric Carle, cut clouds out of paper and decided if they were symmetrical or asymmetrical (activities from The Caterpillar Exchange).

The World of Weather by Brian Cosgrove for pictures of clouds, discussion of storms, cloud types.
First Grade Happenings for basic cloud types.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Can You Find It? By Linda Falken.  Miles liked The Third Avenue Railroad Depot by Schenck and a Native American Encampment entitled The Rocky Mountains, Lander’s Peak by Bierstadt. Miles reads the items to find in the painting and we talk about what it may have been like in those certain historic situations.


Listening to Suzuki Discs 1 and 2, iTunes classical, and Chinese New Year songs from Nancy Music.
Play, Mozart, Play! By Peter Sis

Miles has been playing Harry Potter songs, Indian Song, Short Story, Minuet in G minor.  Parker has been plating Mary Had a Little Lamb and the theme to Superman.

Social Studies

Chinese New Year. DLTK site for crowns or hats and information. Karen Katz’s My First Chinese New Year. Dragon Dancing by Carole Lexa Schaefer. Looked at pictures of celebration at Mail Online.
Health and Wellness

Enough snow to hit the sledding hill.

Snowball toss at the park’s rink.

Mini snowman in our front yard.

Miles holding tall ice cream cone.  The scoops have flavors printed on them.  Miles alphabetized them.

Rolling the ice cream ball.  Liquids and solids – the science of how milk and sugar turn to ice cream. Why do we need to put salt on the ice?  Practicing steps in the scientific method.

Sampling the science project…ice cream!

Ice cream fact families.

Read Shel Silverstein poem ‘Eighteen Flavors’ from book Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Experiment and literacy ideas from PBS.

How many ice cream scoops tall are you? Each scoop is six inches.  Miles estimated everyone’s height first, then we measured and taped up the actual.
Green Wednesdays (with an earth day theme). Learn about and do something good for the earth. We decided to take reusable bags on our trip to the co-op.

Math and Logic

More popcorn on the cob from our CSA, so we used it for fraction practice.

Skip counting by 5s practice from 5 to 120.  Miles began with all the clothespins out of order.

Playing store.  Skip counting by 5s and using nickels to pay for a rice sock warmer and a cardboard sword.

Practicing subtraction using Bus Stops by Taro Gomi.  We started with 37 based on how many people there were in the book.  On pages where it said ‘some’ I designated a number.

Miles lined up all the Lego guys, Ninjagos, and droids for a bus ride.  They boarded the bus and he drove them around our house to their stops.  Miles got the corresponding amount out as we read the book and then did the math on the recording sheet.

Making a Shape Bot.  Naming and using various geometrical shapes to make a robot.

Marshmallow Matey cereal math.  Miles got a handful of cereal and then sorted, counted, tallied, compared and graphed…and ate.

Car racers probability.  No picture, but everyone zoomed their car down a track five times.  Miles recorded which cars crossed our tape finish line, then we compared which numbers were greater, less than, or equal.


Ruby mixed epsom salt and water for our icicle experiment.

Miles writing his hypothesis – which will form first, the stalagmite or stalactite?

After two days of waiting, the stalactite forms first.

After a week (and a few times of ‘what does this feel like…oh it fell off!) it grows to the plate.

Icicle experiment from Everything Kids Science Experiment by Tom Robinson
We also read Amazon Alphabet by Johnette Downing and Green Tree Frogs by Natalie Lunis.

Language Arts

Fix up sentences to practice punctuation and capitalization.
Oh My Gosh Mrs. Mc Nosh by Sarah Weeks and reading comprehension.

Making compound words.

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman. Very short stories and fun to take quick turns while reading a story.

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend by Melanie Watt.  Played simple board game with for comprehension questions (based on a game board we saw at First Grade a la Carte).

Ruby works on the scavenger hunt at the library.

Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. What would you plant? Miles: candy cane tree, Parker: Pokemon tree. What does it need to grow, who would you share it with?

Miles practices Fact families.

Ruby’s Birthday!

Everyone helped decorate the cake.  Parker practices blowing out the candle for Ruby.

Celebration mini-golf at the Golf Zone.


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