Week Fourteen

Yes, Week Fourteen was a long time ago (we just finished Sixteen).  As it turns out, blogging monthly is not really helpful, so we’re switching to weekly.  Thanks for reading!


MLK Day crayon box and reading The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf.

Weaving cows (saw this somewhere…).

In the Picture by Lucy Micklethwait.  Miles looked for small pictures within each work of art.


It’s -7 today.  Experiment to see how long it takes our ice cubes to freeze solid outside on the sidewalk. Guesses came in at 1 hour and 30 minutes. Actual time was 2 hours.

Review of animals on a farm, read books about farm animals.

Chemistry experiment from Smart First Graders.  Which solution will clean the pennies? Miles thought the vinegar and salt was the winner.


Parker put his face next to his M &M FACE!

Play a song or tricky few lines of a practice piece, then make musical symbols on a Valentine (to give to someone at Sunrise Senior Center- upcoming nursing home gig).

Pianos by Cynthia Amoroso. Listening to Suzuki discs and iTunes genius mixes.  Playing a variety of songs at the piano.  Ruby’s getting more interested in playing and bowing afterwards, and Miles gave her a mini lesson.

Math and Logic

Probability game using The Mitten animals by Jan Brett (game from her site).

Read Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt, which has a list of what Scaredy Squirrel does and what time during the day. Miles made a list of what he does during the day and drew the time on the clock. Miles gets a Lego analog watch.  He is keeping us all on track, especially when it’s time to watch a show.

Played a reading comprehension game from First Grade a la Carte.

Math fact family puzzle from The School Bell.

Subtraction clothespin drop game from Smart First Graders (we used cotton balls).  Start with ten cotton balls, drop one at a time, aiming for the mug.  Count ones in mug. Make equation (i.e. 10 minus 3 in mug equals how many on the floor?). Repeat.

Analog and digital clock time match game (home made game using workbook pages of clocks).

Language Arts

Tiny Book about Martin Luther King Jr. from Bry-Back Manor.

Acrostic poem about cows.

Daily Fix-It Sentences from First Grade Brain to go with our sentence cube (practice using capital letters and punctuation).

Tons of free sheets and ideas at Teacher’s Notebook.com (make sure search under FREE on left hand options for price).

Social Studies

Martin Luther King day, word search from Rowdy in First Grade.

American history and Native Americans: Sacajawea by Joyce Milton, Red Bird Sings by Gina Capaldi


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