Week Sixteen


Learn about Pablo Picasso and draw Hand with Flowers, idea from Mrs. Brown Art.

Carp for Children’s Day in Japan.

Listen to Suzuki discs 1 and 2, iTunes Abacus fm Mozart piano and other classical and jazz.

DC Super Friends practice game.  Put song names on post-its and put in story pages.  After reading a paragraph, Miles or Parker played that song.

Listen to Japanese music and printed traditional song ‘Cherry Blossoms’.

Learned from Wikipedia about composer John Williams in Harry Potter. Miles likes to play Professor Umbridge, so this composer seems like a good fit for this month.

MacPhail’s Out and About performance at Sunrise Senior Center. Parker plays Mary Had a Little Lamb, Miles plays Indian Song.

Music song bingo.

Health and Wellness

Skate or croc hockey at the rink with friends.

Hooray, family swim night at Dowling is back!

Doctor’s Tools by Mary Elizabeth Salzman. Took our temperatures and compared numbers.

Math and Logic

Grab two tiles and add or subtract.

Roll and record…lots of it, Parker’s favorite this week.

Subtraction word problem book with help from About.com.

Skip counting by either 2s, 5s, or 10s as we passed the puck.

Playing store using pennies, nickels, dimes.

Social Studies

Sampling mochi.  Compact at first, but chewy and puffy when baked.  It is a sweet brown rice snack from Japan.

Japanese Traditions by Setsu Broderick.  The boys were most interested about Children’s Day, samurai, sumo wrestlers, and heated tables.

National Geographic’s You and Me Together by Barbara Kerley by Barbara Kerley.  This book’s pages showed families around the world and gave a bit of information about each culture.


How plants ‘drink’ water.  9 hours later, the carnations are colored.

Then we switched their water cups (yellow flower went to the blue water, etc.) to see if both would turn green.

Label parts of flower from Crayon Bits blog.

NASA activity constellations.  We used the stars that Miles wrote ‘st’ words on this week.

Can the mushed-up banana blow up this balloon?  We’ll let you know.  Experiment from Everything Kids Science Experiments Books by Tom Robinson.

Simple Machines with Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD and experiments with ramps and levers.  Step-by-Step Experiments with Simple Machines by Gina Hagler had some good ideas.

Language Arts

Dino word sort ‘aw’ and ‘au’ from Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

Star shape paper and letter combination ‘st’.  We used these to form constellations in our basement solar system.

Blends word sort ( ‘fl’, ‘bl’, and ‘sl’) from Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

Sight word bingo using high frequency words.

Farm Fresh Sentences (possibly from Oceans of First Grade Fun blog) and review of animals families from TLS Books.

By popular request, Mad Libs, this time from Classroom Jr. (the most to choose from) and free Mad Libs.  These are great for practicing nouns, verbs, adjectives and crack everyone up!

Batman Read-n-roll with Batman readers.  Roll dice, add them, and select that number from the series.


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