Week Eighteen


Xylem in celery and capillary motion from Experiments with Plants by Christine Taylor-Butler.

Pea seed sprouts from last week.  This week we planted them.

Our first lap book, with ideas from Homeschool Share.  A lap book is a display board collecting the vocabulary and facts about a topic.  It can be used to review later.  This is our first time creating a lap book and have found Homeschool Share and Squidoo by Jimmie helpful.   Some of our resource  books are VolcanoYellowstone, and Earthquake! all by Marion Dane Bauer,  Volcanoes by Elaine Landau.

Watched Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Pu’u ‘O’o eruption  video and Kamoamoa eruption video .


Cutting paper hearts from Smart First Graders newsletter.

Andy Warhol by Mike Venezia.  The boys were amused to see that Warhol liked comics and painted a piece called Superman.  Used crayon and paint to create their own Warhol-inspired  images.  New vocab word ‘pop art’.  Used Lego clip art and and Spongebob clip art, then cut and pasted it to make the images.

Math and Logic

Miles and Parker continue working in their Brainquest workbooks.

Place value practice – snowman spinner game from a site found long ago (will repost at later date).

Parker’s 95 cent ‘tattoo’ stand.  We counted out coins and Parker did the stamping.

More addition, subtraction, and multiplication word problems from You Can, Toucan Math by David A. Adler, which also spurred discussion and curiosities about different birds pictured in the book.

Social Studies

Miles’ map of the neighborhood.

Favorite Valentine’s book was  Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane deGroat.

Black History month.  I Am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks.  Barack Obama:  Out of Many, One by Shana Corey.

We missed Groundhog Day a few weeks ago…Groundhog Day by Margaret McNamara and The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun by Wendie Old brought us up to speed.

Language Arts

Little Red Cowboy Hat by Susan Lowell.  We made a lift-the-flap adjectives coloring page by printing out two of the same coloring pages and taping the images over the other.  Then Miles wrote some adjectives on the flaps with help from the book.

Dusty Locks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Javelinas both by Susan Lowell, search for adjectives and record.  Looked at Sonora Desert Museum in Arizona for habitat and animals.  Learned about the desert states and made cheese quesadillas from The United States Cookbook by Joan D’Amico.

Fabulous First Grade Fish ideas for Valentine poem with word analysis and math word problems.

Everybody Was a Baby Once by Allan Ahlberg, read ‘Summer Snowman’, wrote story about what Miles’ snowman would do, and illustrated.  His snowman went swimming and then got an ice cream cone.

One of our word rolls from  Spelling-Words-Well.  Miles really enjoyed making a number scroll in kindergarten, so we made a word scroll to collect all the words he can make using common endings and beginnings.

Spelling-Words-Well for other spelling game ideas.

Letter blends (sp, st, fl, bl, etc.).  We took turns rolling the dice and Miles recorded the words we came up with.

Health and Wellness

Skating at the park’s rink.

We’ve really enjoyed playing and visiting with our buddies and parent friends at play parks .

Read Wash Your Hands and Earth Day both by Margaret McNamara.  The first book has a fun song to sing while washing up.


Puzzle game idea from our piano teacher.  Each puzzle piece has a number (corresponding to a ‘set list’) or musical symbol to name.  Miles chooses a piece, plays the song or part of it, and puts the piece in place…repeat!

Miles plays various Star Wars and Harry Potter tunes.  He is also working on parts of Minuet in G minor (J. S. Bach), The Happy Farmer (R. Schumann) ,  and A Short Story (H. Lichner).  Parker is working on playing with both hands for Mary Had a Little Lamb and Little Playmates (F.X. Chwatal).

We continue listening to both Suzuki book discs and iTunes genius mixes.


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