Week Twenty-Two


Michelangelo by Mike Venezia and painting on the ‘ceiling’ like in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Miles was amazed at the size of the Pieta (beautiful marble sculpture, 5 feet 9 inches tall ) and that Michelangelo created it at age 24.

Ice sculptures from The Artful Parent, to tie into Michelangelo’s sculptures (without the sharp tools and marble or wood).  First we sprinkled (and poured) kosher salt onto ice blocks.  Then we squirted colored water and painted the ice.  Last we added more salt.  We observed how the ice melted throughout the day.

Inner Child Fun for art supply list and ideas of what to do with them.

Social Studies

This Is the Way We Help at Home by Amanda Miller and we looked at the continents where the children in the book live.

Globe ball catch.  Map from Countries WS.  Catch the ball and say a continent.

Language Arts

File Folder Fun game for Parker.  Matching word with picture.  Then he added wooden letters and practiced how they sounded.  Parker read a short book I Like Colors by Rozanne Lanczak Williams.

Continue transportation and writing vocabulary.  Nomenclature cards from Montessori for Everyone.

Go! Poetry in Motion by Dee Lillegard. Good book of short poems about things that move, from lawn mowers to skateboards.

Continue practice working on sign language using My First Book of Sign Language by Joan Holub.  A favorite was ‘cat’, and we looked at other animal signs at ASL for Kids.


Miles and Parker take turns giving Ruby piano lessons.  She painted her hair red before lesson during art.  Ruby puts her hands on Miles or Parker’s hands and they play the song.  Parker even got out a game for her to play, which is what we usually do during practice and lessons.

Listening to Suzuki Discs one and two.  Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring by the Philadelphia Orchestra and pop music on Spotify.

Composer of the month is Antonio Vivaldi.  Reading about him at Making Music Fun.  Listening to The Four Seasons on Spotify.

Practicing rhythms using any note or chord, and we all play together.  All the children love to play the piano or a keyboard throughout the day, Ruby sings and plays. What a joy!

Choosing beads for a practice bracelet.  Each time the boys play their piece for the next recital (in Antonello Hall, April), they choose two beads and put it on their bracelet.  Parker is working on Mary Had a Little Lamb with two hands.  Miles – Minuet in G minor (Bach).  Miles continues working on Across the Stars, from Star Wars.

Sensory and Practical

Mystery bag:  this week the bag contained different three dimensional objects (cone, sphere, cylinder, cube).  When they named and removed the item from the bag, they placed it by the corresponding sign.

Generosities from past generations:  Polishing kit and super sharp pencils, gifts from two great grandfathers that really came in handy this week.  We practiced polishing shoes.  And we were desperately in need of a good sharpener.

Math and Logic

Fraction dice game.  Roll die.  Match that fraction with the paper fraction piece.

Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang.  Lots of adding and subtracting word problem practice.  We used chalk and black paper to change things up a bit.

Number tiles…which are even…odd…biggest…Miles and Parker found lots of ways to work with their numbers.

Multiplication chart and writing equations.

Parker practicing writing numbers.  Begin with an assortment of Legos and a muffin tin.  First he sorted by color.  Next he counted each color and recorded it.

Miles first sorts his Legos.  Then he practices sentences describing how many of each color, such as ‘Five Legos are red.’ to work on capital letters and punctuation.

Then he works on some multiplication using the Lego quantities, such as yellows times greens equals…

Finally Miles made a flying craft with the pieces.

Arranging balls biggest to smallest…which are equal in size…which will float…will sink?

Place value dice game from Smart First Grader.  Miles and I each had  this set up.  To play, roll the ones die (on the far right) and say your number, then record.  Next, roll the tens (in the middle) die, say it,  and record. Say your number so far.  Last, roll the hundreds spot die (on the far left) and say your number.  Compare numbers.  Repeat.

Parker likes adding the dice for Roll and Record (sheet from NES Summer Math Fun) and has been requesting it often this week.

Roman numeral practice.  Last week we saw an electrician’s van with the company phone number given in Roman numerals only.

Coin sort and count up.   Add double numbers.  Practice skip counting by fives and tens.

Counting in the City by Tracey Steffora had lots of modes of transportation to count.

Folding cloth napkins and towels in half and in quarters.

Backyard and Wildlife

Miles put out nesting materials for birds.

Cleaned-up bird bath, and we’ve spotted many house sparrows taking a sip and dip.

Ruby put out some peanut butter for woodpeckers and nuthatches.

Miles mixed mud and Parker put out nesting materials (dried grasses, bits of yarn, and small strips of cloth).  Ideas from Wild Bird Watching and National Wildlife Federation.  This set up is in the back yard, aka our outdoor classroom, so they can can check for birds as they work on Lego projects in the bay window.

100 Days of Home School Celebration…Playing at the park, biking to pizza, baking a cake

Ruby complying with our ‘no pencil left unsharpened’ policy. New sharpener to commemorate the 100th day of home school. This is our third sharpener this year, but is the best one so far.


Planting pea seeds

Watering seeds

Sink or float?  Choose object, guess, toss it in.

Parker found a ladybug and we examined and learned about it with help from Ladybug Life Cycle and Home Science Tools.  The boys compared our specimen to the life cycle’s pictures (egg, larva, pupa, adult) and decided that it was an adult.

Working on pastel-colored spring art while listening to books about spring.

Even though it is technically still winter, we’re moving on with springy books and themes.  Spring Is Here!  A Story About Seeds by Joan Holub and Spring by Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed.  Answers to ‘what makes wind?’ at Weather Wiz Kids.

Kite project from Maya Made.  I carried a kite repair kit (masking tape and hole punch) for minor issues.  One time Miles’ kite string landed on his ear and he replied that it was quite ‘ear’-itating!

Video with quick and easy instructions from Big Wind Kites in Hawaii and Uncle Jonathan.  Experiment with what’s in the wind from Weather Wiz Kids.

Used our paper mache Earth globe while reading Around the World on Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson, a collection of poems about animals and where they live.

Green-top carrots sprout greens and grow root hairs.  Miles observes and draws parts of the carrots.  Discussion about roots and plants with help from ‘All About Plants’ booklet at Montessori for Everyone.

Dividing a piece of play dough into thirds to make bird eggs.  Read Two Blue Jays by Anne Rockwell in our back yard classroom, which had good pictures of eggs and birds in common in our area.

Comparing bird sizes and colors.  Noticing the biggest…smallest…most red…and so on.  Talked about how some male and female birds look alike and some look different.  Referred to pictures of cardinals and chickadees in The Sibley Guide to Birds by David Allen Sibley.

Comparing bird eggs in size and color.  We will try to remember to look for egg shells on the grown next month.  Parker made both blue jay’s and robin’s nest and eggs.

Health and Wellness

Basketball for ‘recess’, as well as baseball, bike rides, and soccer.

Working on dribbling and passing.  Skip counting by twos for each basket.

We are really enjoying our long play park visits and catching up with pals and parents.

This week’s character trait is Respectful (from Godly Character Traits at Sarah’s Sweeties).  We try to ‘show’ that word more than say it.


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