Week Twenty-Seven

Health and Wellness

Mystery bag is back.  The boys matched the object to the type of shape.

Visit to the dentist for a check up and read Going to the Dentist by Anne Civardi, Whose Teeth Are These?  by Joanne Randolph, and ABC Dentist by Harriet Ziefert.  Mouth and teeth diagram sheets from Homeschool Share Teeth Unit.

Parker’s stealth mode in a game of zombie tag.

One of our favorite times of day is at the park with friends!

Parker surprised Ruby  with a present.  He used a manual and assorted parts from our Lego collection.


Our ‘night at the seed museum’ is growing well.  Peas are on the left and beans on the right.  We will plant these outside next month.

Parker trimmed onion and carrot to see if they grow back and how long it will take.  We also rotated the ‘night at the seed museum’ so the bean plant faces away from the window.  We will watch it slowly move back towards the window (and note how long it takes).  It took about a day.

Learning more about prairie dogs at Prairie Dog Coalition’s Coloring and Activity Book for our upcoming South Dakota and Wyoming trip.  Made our own story based on The Three Little Pigs, The 3 Little Dassies by Jan Brett, and The Three Little Javalinas by Susan Lowell.

Make a paper rocket out of shapes, similar to the one at Instructables.  Miles is cutting the triangles for the rocket fins.

Noted the shapes involved in making our rockets.  Used masking tape to hold it together.  We left off the pointy tips this time.

They didn’t fly off the straw, but we’ll try again.

Parker liked to just throw his into the air.

Solar system crossword puzzle.  Pluto Dwarf Planet and Uranus by Christine Taylor-Butler.  Make a postcard from Pluto and wrote one fact about the dwarf planet (template from Natalie Dias Lorenzi‘s site and Light Up the Night by Jean Reidy).

Math and Logic

Lego sort and create.  Miles and Parker tally up colors in a pre-selected pile of Legos.  Miles completes a graph using the quantities of Lego colors.

Magic trick.  Stretching a dime-sized circle to an oval shape, which allows the quarter to pass through the small opening.  Activity from Janice VanCleave’s Play and Find Out About Math.

Miles matches coins (dime, nickel, and quarter) with other coins to make the same value.  For example he placed two nickels and then ten pennies next to the dime to show that they equal each other in value.

Continue time-telling practice by reading a clock and saying what time it will be in three and a half hours, for example.  Ideas from Have Fun Teaching.

Make a Dollar game from Smart First Graders.  Take turns rolling the die and taking that many cents.  As we played, we could change in for larger coins, for example five pennies for a nickel.  The goal is to get to $1.00.

Looking at the pattern of the quilt of Light Up the Night by Jean Reidy.  Counting the triangle, square, and rectangle shapes.  Print out from Natalie Dias Lorenzi teacher guide.

Language Arts

Sight word bingo cards from Have Fun Teaching.

Sight word obstacle course.  Read word and do action on the back.  We repeated this activity all week with different words.  Sight words from Have Fun Teaching.

Miles practices spelling color names using Legos.

Minnesota’s Hidden Alphabet by Joe Rossi.  As we read each page, everyone practices that letter.

Earth Day theme for contraction practice from Have Fun Teaching.

Read The Cat’s Meow by Warren Kimble and create adjective poster.  Then we brainstormed and wrote the antonym for each word.

Can’t Sleep Without Sheep by Susanna Leonard Hill.  Finding adjectives in the book and discuss their meaning.  Practiced adding and subtracting using word problems and other math activities at author’s site.  We were surprised to read that famous people Bill Clinton, Madonna, Leonardo da Vinci, and Napoleon Bonaparte need fewer than five hours of sleep per night.

Parker working on letters using a Planet Passport, part of a teacher guide from Natalie Dias Lorenzi‘s site and Light Up the Night by Jean Reidy.  Read Chronicle Book’s A is for Astronaut.

Social Studies

The 3 Little Dassies by Jan Brett.  Find Nambia, Africa on map.  Discuss similarities and differences with The Three Little Pigs story and The Three Little Javalinas by Susan Lowell.


Continue listing to Suzuki book one and two discs.  Miles and Parker both work on their performance pieces, Broken Record Boogie and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Listen to different drumming styles and types on Spotify, such as Caribean steel, Japanese Taiko, African, and marching band. Read Drums by Cynthia Amoroso.

Listen to Aun-J Classical Orchestra (link to You Tube) play music to new favorite movie My Neighbor Totoro.


Starting out with marks for the nails.  Oh the many uses for a yoga mat…worked well to hold the wood in place as Miles worked.

Wood and yarn project.  Practicing hammer safety.

Making shapes

Read the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Monet’s Impressions:  Words and pictures by Claude Monet.  Looking at San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight (links to Wikipedia) and noticing silhouettes and nighttime for Miles’ dusk creation.  Read Jack Prelutsky’s poem ‘Night is Here’ from My Parents Think I’m Sleeping.

Great American Artists for Kids by MaryAnn F. Kohl.  Learning about Maria Martinez, potter from New Mexico.  We made clay dough for the coil pot project, but the clay was too crumbly so we improvised.


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