Week Thirty-Two

Wind Cave National Park

Working on Junior Ranger materials at Wind Cave.

The closest we got to the cave’s boxwork formations…the guided tour lasts over an hour, which may have been too long for us this year.

Hiking along paved trails and looking at the natural cave opening (going into the cave requires a tour)

Peter Norbeck Visitor Center: Reptile Presentation (Custer State Park)

Prairie Rattlesnake.  The presenter brought an albino Burmese python, bull snake, and prairie rattlesnake.

Blue Bell Stables pony rides

We happened to be staying in the park during Open House Weekend, so we checked out some fun events.  Ruby sat on her pony, but passed on the trail ride.

Bison Chip Throwing Contest

Everyone chose their chips

Parker’s throw

Miles’ throw.  Everyone (but me) in the family won prizes!

Reptile Gardens

Ruby won tickets in Custer’s Bison Chip throwing contest.  We arrived in time for snake feeding time (they eat mice…we’ll skip the pictures on that).

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

At our campsite

View of the Devils Tower National Monument.

On a short hike

Watching deer graze and adding to the wildlife section of the Junior Ranger program booklet.  The boys also saw a bull snake on their hike around the tower.

National Grasslands Visitor Center

National Grasslands Visitor Center is in Wall, South Dakota (down the street from Wall Drug)

Working on Junior Ranger booklet.

Badlands National Park

Letting National Parks tattoo dry in the visitor center.

Throwing rocks into a puddle

Lots of good climbing

After this park, we camped at Myre-Big Island State Park to break up the long drive day.

We’re settling into our homeschool day routine with the help of new workboxes (which are actually old Lego sorting bins). Each bin contains an activity or book to read, related supplies, and simple instructions.  Theses bins are only a small part of our day’s activities.  So far they have helped us get more organized, and may possibly create more efficient school days next ‘year’ when Parker and Ruby start kindergarten and preschool.  We are considering year-round school, because it seems as though it took us this long to get into a good routine!

Our monarch caterpillar eggs hatched and are growing well

Thanks for checking in on our travel adventures and we’ll keep you posted!


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