Summer Stay-cation Weeks One & Two

It’s official…school’s out!  We are easing our way into summer with lots of play dates, swimming, field trips, and adventures to different parks.  Although the boys requested a break from planned lessons, we try to cultivate a sort of ‘learning lifestyle’ in our family and there are lots of places to explore in and near our city.

Bakken Museum

Turning the crank for the electrostatic generator and listening to the static sparks it creates at the top of the circle

Playing a game of Mindball:  each try to relax, and the most calm player wins.

The headbands have sensors that measure brainwaves.

Who has the bigger heart – an elephant or bat?  Whose beats faster?  Matching the heart to the mammal and comparing heart rates.

Magnets.  We saw a large magnet used by doctors to draw metal out of people’s eyes.

Checking out the many tadpoles in the garden pond.

The Bakken is a hands-on museum for the history and nature of electricity and magnets.

Historic Fort Snelling

Evening retreat ceremony at Historic Fort Snelling.

Coach Pitch Baseball

Miles (in lighter blue shirt) is running to second base.

Monarch Caterpillar

After about two weeks of eating milkweed leaves, it has grown to two inches long and a quarter inch wide.

Then in attaches to a leaf and forms a ‘J’ position for about a day.

Then it sheds its skin.  It will be in the chrysalis stage of development for about ten days.  Joyful Butterfly is one of many sources for more information.

Fort Snelling State Park

Naturalist table topic:  Mammals in the park.  Found this at Fort Snelling State Park site’s  Calendar of Events.

Lake Hiawatha Park

Kitchen Sense

Miles makes great pancakes and oatmeal (I usually mix the batter for the pancakes and start them on the pan).  Parker is learning to cook oatmeal in the microwave and can make himself toast.  Miles, Parker, and Ruby are enthusiastic kitchen helpers , and the boys are proud to have more ‘big kid’ skills.


Ruby enjoys the Fancy Nancy (Jane O’Connor) and Pinkalicious (Victoria Kann) series.   Mr. Putter & Tabby series by Cynthia Rylant are favorites.  Miles and Parker really get into the spooky book series by Veronika Martenova Charles, with titles such as ‘Don’t Walk Alone at Night’.  The stories are based on folklore from different cultures and include a short synopsis of their origins at the back of the book.  We are also getting back into the Max Finder Mystery series this summer as well.


Miles has been working on The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, Bobcat Boogie by John W. Schaum, and Cradle Song by C.M. von Weber.  Parker has been playing more songs with two hands, especially Little Playmates by F.X. Chwatal,  Cuckoo (German Folksong), and Allegro by Shinichi Suzuki.  Ruby is working on Hot Cross Buns.  We will continue lessons during the sumer.

We listen daily to Suzuki discs one and two, as well as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lorax sound tracks on Spotify.


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