Summer Stay-cation Week Four

Garden Fresh

Savoring a snap pea (one of three) harvested from our trellis.  Although we planted many seeds in March and some in April, only a few plants made it.  Next year we’ll choose a sunnier location.

Language Arts

Class at the library.  Art Out of the Box: Black and White and Red All Over program sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Miles’ story was about a dragon who laid an egg and lived in a cave (the brown box).  He sculpted the dragon and egg (not pictured, it’s in the cave) and colored them with marker.  Found the class at Hennepin County Library Events and Classes.

Ruby has been enjoying Marc Brown’s D.W. books, Miles chose Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne, and Parker found lots of Lego easy reader books on our recent library trip.


Mark Twain’s The Best Fence PainterKindness by Kimberley Jane Pryor.  Funny timing for this topic because Ruby and Parker were under the weather this week and Miles and Parker made her presents and checked in with her to cheer her up.


It’s a girl (no black spots on hind wings)! Our last monarch to hatch.   Butterflies by Seymour Simon had some good pictures and explanation of hatching stage.

Oh Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today?  by Tish Rabe, DK’s How Things Work Encyclopedia, and Wild Animals of the United States by Dev Ross were favorite science picks from the library.


Miles and Parker played lots of fun games during weekly practice and game.  Favorite soccer-related reads were  For the Love of Soccer by Pele and Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler.

Coach Pitch Baseball

The summer team meets once per week.

Ruby likes to be up at bat too (during family practice time though).

Curriculum Choices

As you already know, there is an overwhelming amount of curriculum to choose from.  Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp is helpful for planning for the upcoming school year.  There are also many curriculum critiques at Homeschool Reviews.  As arduous as choosing the ‘right’ curriculum and learning manipulatives for preschool, kindergarten, and second grade students is, it is a delight to plan for the year.


We continue listening to Suzuki discs one and two (as well as a variety of music).  Miles and Parker continue to enjoy and progress in their piano lessons during the summer.  Preparing for the 4th of July with America the Beautiful by Katherine Lee Bates.


Scratch art idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree.

Cooking with Fire

Measuring flour to add to pizza dough, recipe from King Arthur’s site.

Our neighbor Jean taught us about how to make and maintain a fire in her outdoor oven.  Jean and her husband own Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces.  The fire in the oven was made about an hour and a half before it’s ready for cooking.

Miles checks the temperature of the fire using the infrared thermometer.  The fire is almost hot enough…we’re looking for 400 or 500 degrees to cook pizzas.  A different reading was 900 degrees!

Miles brushing on sauce, then sprinkles on cheese and in the oven it goes.

Jean turned the pizza a quarter turn or so, and it was finished in about three minutes.

Jean made cookies too, which took about ten minutes.  The pizza, cookies, fire and cooking lessons, and hanging out with Jean were all wonderful treats!


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