Summer Stay-cation Week Six

Fort Snelling Beach

Besides deer we saw a painted turtle, dragonflies, monarchs, and hairy woodpeckers.

Comparing tap water  (on left) with lake water (on right).  Conversation at the beach about ‘why we don’t just drink the lake water?…it’s so clear!’ brought about this easy experiment.  We poured each water through a coffee filter.

The lighting in this picture makes the coffee filters look like different shades of brown.   Both were actually light brown (we had unbleached coffee filters), however the lake water filter (on the left) had lots of tiny green plants and sand left behind.


Parker works on Cuckoo (German folk song) and Allegro, aka ‘Popcorn’  (Shinichi Suzuki) using fun synth sounds.

Miles is working on Cradle Song (C.M. von Weber) and Minuet 1 (J.S. Bach).  He also enjoys sight reading pieces from Alfred’s Piano Book 1A and 1B, Bastien Level 1, and Teaching Little Fingers to Play More Blues and Boogie by Carolyn Miller.  This week we are working towards a round of mini-golf after lessons to reward all the boys’ and Ruby’s great playing.

Language Arts

Library scavenger hunt.  Some favorites from our stacks this week:  Read-along Fairy Tales by Roger Books, Magic Tree House’s Ancient Greece and the Olympics, Night of the Ninjas both by Mary Pope Osborne, and The Japanese Samurai by Louis Park and Timothy Love.

Checking out a different library’s estimation station (Miles was recording how many spools were in the jar).

Health & Wellness

Checking out a new-to-us park in Linden Hills

Skipping rocks at Hidden Falls Park along the Mississippi River

Trying out climbing web at one of our most-frequented parks

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (better picture if you scroll down a bit at Ecobirder) butterfly in our yard…missing part of its wing, but flew well

Running to third base during coach pitch baseball game

Staying cool as a cucumber at a splash pool with buddies

Summer Olympics

NBC Olympics for listing of summer Olympic sports with descriptions.  Discussing the time difference between here and London.  Reading Dodsworth in London by Tim Egan.  We would like to find some ‘chips’ to sample in our area, but may not be so lucky to find an English Chip Butty sandwich (as we heard about on NPR).  We’ve compiled a list of sports we’d like to watch and when they’ll be on.  DK’s Olympics has lots of great pictures and descriptions.

Curriculum Planning

Gathering ideas from Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith.

We would like to integrate a bit more technology into our plans for this upcoming school year.  Ed Tech Ideas has some possibilities such as a kid blog and make-your-own creative publication from Read Write Think.  We currently enjoy games from Cool MathScience Bob has many experiment ideas as well as interesting questions/answers, and I see some home made rock candy in our future.  The BBC’s Questionaut can inject some fun into formerly-difficult subject areas such as english, spelling, and grammar.  And the boys couldn’t pass up the chance to play Minnesota Zoo’s Who Pooped?!


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