Summer Stay-cation Week Seven


We ventured to a beautiful farm near Maiden Rock, Wisconsin for blueberries.

Our shade umbrella marks our picking spot.  With such beautiful vistas, it was hard to choose whether to look up (at the rolling hills) or down (at the berries).

Tasting is encouraged!

We  picked about six pounds of berries.


Picking and sampling red currants

On black currants:  ‘too much flavor’ and ‘they taste like a flower’

Red, white, and black currants…blueberries were the winners with our crew



Cathy Duffy Reviews site resourceful for curriculum options.  She is a homeschool curriculum specialist and has published Top 100 Picks for Homeschooling Curriculum.


Listening to Suzuki discs one and two.  Added Hal Leonard Rhythm flash card kit to practice note and rest values.  We do five (or more if Miles requests) a day and flag any that we need to review.  Miles and Parker point and say the note/rest values for the first round.  Then we’ll play them on our bell kit.

Practicing in swim suits has become a regular summer sight.  Miles continues sight reading pieces from Alfred basics books.  He also enjoys learning new blues pieces, especially this week’s Boogie Bass by Carolyn Miller.  Cradle Song (C.M. von Weber) and Minuet 1 (Bach) are his Suzuki book focus songs for this week.

Parker enjoys playing Miles’ practice pieces in addition to his own.  He is playing more songs with two hands, and has been satisfied with being able to put those sounds together.

Reading Music Makes Your Child Smarter by Philip Sheppard (to myself, not as a read-aloud).  Has many songs and games as well as research supporting the health and cognitive benefits of playing an instrument.

Home Repair Project

Giving our well-loved (not sure if ‘love’ is really the right word here…) home some TLC.  Our summer pace allows us to schedule some time to take care of the wear and tear that our home endures during the school year.

Applying joint compound to patched area

Miles is holding his tooth that just came out and showing off our patched-up and repainted wall.  We painted many other walls and surfaces this week.

Health and Wellness

Comparing organic eggs.  Organic store-bought egg on left.  Organic farm-bought egg on right.  Darker yolk healthier?  Yes and No.  Some answers from Rodale and Professor of Nutrition and Food Studies and Public Health at New York University from Chow.

Golf Zone Mini Golf

Peace Gardens

The Spirit of Peace sculpture

Each rock surrounding the crane sculpture has a step for folding a paper crane.  We will try to follow instructions for folding our own paper crane at Pacific Friend.

It was pretty sunny, so we brought our own shade.

All kiddos found the garden’s sprinklers refreshing.

Good trees for climbing


Playing on a new court before swimming at the park

Exploring Minnehaha Creek

Currents (a different kind than the currants at the berry farm) and where the water flows to (Mississippi River)


Playing war with Pokemon cards.  The card with the higher point value in upper right hand corner wins.  Enjoying games at  Cool Math 4 Kids.


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