Week Three

Health and Wellness

Picking raspberries at Carpenter Nature Center’s Apple Shack

Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe  and added up ride points as we went along

Miles made an itinerary for our time

Brought home maps for practice reading later circling all the letter ‘P’s

We are enjoying daily late-afternoon play park visits again, especially because we can reconnect with our parent and kiddo friends.


Listening to Suzuki discs one and two.  The boys also like listening to the Star Wars Episode III (John Williams) music played by the London Symphony Orchestra as they work on Lego creations.  They also continue working on their lesson practice pieces.  Our summer piano lesson sessions have finished, and we have a short break until fall lessons and group classes begin.

Song for this week is B-i-n-g-o from Children’s Songbag by Paul Dubois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender.  We took turns holding a sign and pointing to the letters ‘B-I-N-G-O’.  This book has the music, lyrics, and sometimes includes the history of the song.


Penguins.  Traced templates using cray pas and glued eyes and feet (Miles added a crown).

Super Shape Puppets, complete with capes.  We reviewed basic geometrical shapes and used them to make paper bag puppets.

Look at Parkstone Press’ book of Monet’s paintings that have a ‘P’ in them, such as the Painter with the Pointed Hat in our Monet book.


Hurricanes and Isaac pictures and video at NOLA (The Times-Picayune/Greater New Orleans newsite).  One picture of a neighborhood showed water flooding the street up to a stop sign.  At first the kids thought that the stop signs there must be much shorter than the ones around here.  This was a good start to a discussion of the power of hurricanes and how people cope with weather and their environment.

Language Arts

This week’s focus letter is ‘P’ and everyone practiced it at their writing levels.  Played word bingo.

Mystery bag activity.  I packed a holiday bag full of objects such as popcorn, a present, a book, a map, a picture, and so on.  We rotated taking turns removing an object and deciding if there was a letter ‘P’ in the beginning, middle, or end of the object’s name.  Then Miles wrote the object’s name down.

Read Will Moses Mother Goose’s Pussy-cat Pussy-cat, Peter Piper, Peter Peter, pumpkin eater and drew our own art to go along with the rhymes.  Everyone’s favorite was Peter Piper, a tongue twister.

Noting words that end in -y change to -ies when made plural (example penny, pennies) and practicing them for next spelling test.

Finding lots of good reads at the library, including 13 Words by Lemony Snicket, Princess Pigtoria and the Pea by Pamela Duncan Edwards (for it’s ‘P’ words), and some Star Wars readers.

Math and Logic

Continue Singapore math workbooks, played Pokemon war (by comparing the values on the card) and number bingo.  Counting pennies, nickels, and dimes and writing the amount.

Social Studies

While reading Eve of the Emperor Penguin by Mary Pope Osborne, we located Antarctica on the globe and scanned a Food section article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ‘Midwinter’s night meal is a dream‘.  The article has pictures of Antarctica and gives details about what it’s like for the people living at McMurdo Station on Antarctic’s Ross Island to live and eat.

Abraham Lincoln by Peter Benoit.  We talked about and (practiced saying all nine syllables of) the Emancipation Proclamation and looked for Lincoln’s face on money (the fiver and pennies).

We use Beautiful Feet Books study guide for Early American History, which is a literature-based approach.  This week we read Leif the Lucky by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire.

Yellowstone National Park

For the next couple weeks, we’ll be ‘car-schooling’ our way to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  Some other stops along way will include Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming,  Chief Joseph Scenic Highway in Wyoming, and Badlands National Park in South Dakota.  If technology and time cooperate, I hope to post short updates of our adventures over the next couple weeks.  Thanks for checking in and have a great next few weeks!


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