Road Schooling

We were welcomed back from our nearly two week adventure with a fun trip to Rochester and soccer practice, not to mention a pile of laundry that you could make a seriously discreet fort in.  As you may have guessed,  this picture blog of our trip is long and has many photos!

First stop  Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Hiking near Door Trail.  The cloudless sky at night was perfect for star gazing.

At the visitors center, we got to see prehistoric bones from an excavation site within the park.

Next stop Greybull, Wyoming and Red Gulch’s Dinosaur Tracksite

Found one!

Yellowstone National Park was our farthest western destination

Taking in the sights and sulfur smells.  It was a bit confusing at first, when deciding on how best to clear out the car air…roll windows down or just keep them up…

We saw many bison throughout the park (and next to our cabin!) and were even in ‘bison jams’ as they meandered across the road, pausing to graze. 

Our Frontier Cabin at Canyon Village:  elevation 7, 700 feet (our hometown is about 840 feet).  

Orange Spring Mound in Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs visitors center, working on Junior Ranger program activities

After sighting a couple wolves trailing a bison near Cygnet Lakes, we stopped and saw some of their large tracks. 

Old Faithful erupts every one to two hours, blasting very hot water about 100 or more feet into the air.  

Pre-hike picture (post-hike included an ice cream treat!)

Our favorite geysers and thermal features were on the Fire Hole Lake Drive, because of their beauty and fun board walks.

Young Hopeful GeyserFair warning..the water really was boiling!

Steady Geiser and steamy board walk

Next stop, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Hike at Jenny Lake

Post-hike and visitor center rare moment (that we were simultaneously seated).  Another mom took notice and offered to take our pic.

Two wild fires started the day before, and we caught a glimpse on our way to our cabin in Jackson Hole, WY.

The campground had a beach along the Snake River, perfect for rock skipping.

Click on pic to see our short bear-watching video!

We were lucky to watch this black bear for awhile as he/she muched berries (possibly hawthorne?) along side the road..

Beartooth Pass, Montana

We took the Beartooth Pass in Montana on the way to Red Lodge.  The road goes up to 12,000 feet in elevation, above the tree line and near snowfields.

The boys pour over a Lego magazine as we unpack into our cabin in Red Lodge.  As darkness fell, two adult moose and twin calves wandered through the campground.

Last stop Devils Tower, Wyoming

Treated to a lovely sight while makng dinner (which we ate at the play park)

Scoping the tower for climbers before heading for home.

Thanks for coming along on this photo journey.  We’ve since been adjusting to our school day, biking in the afternoons to the play park (to play and chat with our wonderful parent and kiddo buddies), going to family swim, enjoying weekly piano lessons, and playing soccer twice a week.


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