Week Thirteen

Language Arts

The library had a fun way to display a poem by Shel Silverstein.  It read:  ‘I was walking in a circle when I spied a piece of paper covered with a pretty picture colored yellow, green, and red.  As I picked it up I noticed that it also had some writing and I knew that I should read it.  This is what the writing said.’

Resource book Painless Spelling by Mary Elizabeth guides our weekly spelling list choices (in addition to Dolch sight words for kindergarten and second graders).  This week we reviewed antonyms with help from Hockey Opposites by Per-Henrik Gurth and Stop and Go, Yes and No: What Is an Antonym?  by Brian Cleary.

Scrabble Junior to review vowels and consonants.

Letter ‘e’ is the letter of the week and we payed attention to when it is silent (as in mouse).  Read Aesop’s Fables by Brad Sneed:  Lion and the Mouse and Town Mouse and Country Mouse.  Voted in the kid ‘e’lection at our polling center on Tuesday.

Miles continues his daily reading logs, phonics (with Explode the Code!), creative writing prompts, and cursive practice.  Parker excels in reading BOB books and sight words.


Light and Color by Peter Riley.  Exploring light, shadows, and colors with the help of our Noeo Physics I curriculum.

Read Are You Ready for Winter? Sheila Anderson.  Reviewed seasons and illustrated favorite things to do during the winter and then wrote sentences.


Musical Instruments At Your Fingertips helped us picture instruments around during the times Christopher Columbus lived (we’re studying him as part of history).  Read about and listened to instruments of the Renaissance Period (lute, sackbut, cornett, tambourine, and recorder).

We like this book as reference for terminology and pictures of instruments, especially the pipe organ, similar to the one played Bill Chouinard at a Halloween concert at St. Andrew’s church.

Attended an energizing Mu Daiko performance at the Cowles Center.

Math and Logic

Sorting colors after a scavenger hunt for milk caps.  The boys found them, sorted and counted them, and then did the activity corresponding to their color.  For example if you had four blue, then you had to spell blue four times.  If you had ten red, then you did ten jumping jacks.

Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy gave us ideas for ways to practice fractions.  Ruby worked on identifying basic geometrical shapes and counting to ten.  Miles and Parker continued practice math facts from 0 to 20, telling time, graphing favorite holidays, and counting coins.  Miles has been practicing adding double and triple digits and ‘carrying’.

Health and Wellness

Hmmm, some things to think about (courtesy of our dentist’s office bulletin board).  We read these during Miles’ cleaning appointment.

Lots of tree climbing

Play park near downtown to change things up.  James I. Rice Parkway playground.

Social Studies

We made egg carton boats (idea from Kaboose) to represent the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.  Christopher Columbus by Marion Dane Bauer, Early Explorations of the 1500s by Royer E. Hernandez helpful in meeting all our learning levels.


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