Week Fourteen

It’s snowing! (or rather it was…today it is 50)

Our snow shovels were still in the garage rafters, so Miles ‘plowed’ the sidewalk for fun.

Enough snow for snowballs!


Parker pours drops of milk into water.  We  noticed how the water looks bluish.  Explanation from GRIT and our Noeo science materials.

Why does this straw look bent after we put it in the water?  Discuss how water changes the course of light.  More here from Wiki Answers.

Using a mirror to complete a symmetrical image.  Part of the mirror experiments in our Noeo Physics.


Productive, fun lessons at MacPhail. We have been videotaping lessons and viewing during the week.

Learning more about George Frideric Handel, who lived during the Baroque period (1600s).  Read Handel’s World by Lavina Lee and talked about his relationship with Scarlotti and Bach as well (also Baroque composers).  Using the Spotify Classify app, we listened to many Handel pieces, including Xerxes, performed by the RTV Slovania Symphony Orchestra (Best Handel album).

Math and Logic

Going to St. Ives‘ nursery rhyme gave us a bit of addition and multiplication practice.

Skip counting by 2s activity and Multiplication by Ann Becker.  We used clay dough eggs and practiced skip counting by 2s.  We noticed how when placed lengthwise, the egg container could be seen as 6 x 2.  Then we rotated a quarter turn, and this could be seen as 2 x 6.  We concluded that both equal 12.

Review fractions with fraction strips from TPT.

Language Arts
Letter G this week.  Exploring silent ‘g’s’, and those at the beginning, middle, and end of words.  Read ‘Goosey, Goosey, Gander‘ nursery rhyme and played duck duck goose.  Also enjoyed predicting the rhyming words of Duck, Duck, Goose!:  A Coyote’s on the Loose by Karen Beaumont.  Read The Ant and the Grasshopper by Graham Percy.

Parker writes what he is thankful for on a circle and hangs it on our thankful tree.

Our thankful tree, idea from Ann Voskamp (as if you need more ideas for Thanksgiving, Homeschool Share’s Pinterest has lots of cute activities)

The boys stitched cardboard canoes (from Enchanted Learning) together as we read One-Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova.  Parker’s canoe is currently home to several Lego guys going on an adventure.  To tie in some geography and social studies we talked about how canoes were used in the 1600-1700s.  Also began to read Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota by Nancy J. Nielsen.  We also talked about the Rootbeer Lady, Dorothy Molter.


Sketching trees without leaves and noticing what the branches look like.

Miles working on stitching felt for an easy bag project

Parker focusing on keeping his stitching in a neat row

Parker sewed his felt bag (he switched to gray half-way through) in about half an hour and he uses it to store Lego guys and Hero Factory guys.

Painting colors as we read Yesterday I had the Blues by Jeron Ashford Frame.  Discussed how colors and feelings are related.  Also read I’m Not Happy by Sue Graves.

Health and Wellness

Looking to fine tune our daily routine through lenses provided by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D.  She developed some guidelines for the Suzuki Association Parents (the piano program we attend at MacPhail is Suzuki).  We are trying an earlier outside play time (it’s usually for kickball).

Swimming! Miles loves to dive, race a friend, and do somersaults. Ruby and Parker have begun wearing PFDs in the water and enjoy the freedom.

Continue to enjoy our long afternoons at the play park for kickball and games with kid buddies and fun chats with parent buddies!

We stumbled on an informative Pokemon site Bulbapedia when Parker needed the correct spelling of Onix for his writing journal.  Although we are definitely not looking for ways to increase screen time,  the site could be useful when we need  an authority to help solve Pokemon-type debates.

Social Studies

Craft to practice braiding while we talked about Pocahontas, John Smith, and Jamestown.  Both boys enjoyed braiding and the easy pattern.  We started by placing the three strands of yard on the table, and braided by ‘putting the pickle in the middle’ (the outer strand got placed in between the other two).
Learned about colonists from The Scoop on Clothes, Homes, and Daily Life in Colonial America by Elizabeth Raum and First Americans from Multinoma County.  Hennepin County’s Kid Links also helpful.

Discuss what was going on in Europe at the time after reading  Galileo’s Journal by Jeanne K. Pettenati.  We reviewed three composers of that time period (1600s):  Scarlotti, Bach, and Handel.

Played pin-the-ship-on-the-continent with our geography workbook’s poster and ship print out glued to a post-it.  We helped each other remember the continent where the ship landed.


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