Week Fifteen

Happy Thanksgiving!

Language Arts and Social Studies

Mad Libs from Amy’s Wanderings (we liked ‘A Pilgrim’s Letter Home’).  Also read ‘Thanksgiving’ from The Wampanoag by Raymond Bial as well as National Geographic’s Mayflower 1620.

OK, a bit early, but Amy’s Wanderings also had some Christmas Wish Lists to practice printing on.  Miles used our children’s dictionary for correct spelling.  One of Parker’s Christmas Wishes was ‘snow!’.

The Tortoise and the Eagle (it’s letter ‘T’ this week) story from Aesop’s Fables by Brad Sneed gives a lesson about being content with what you have and careful what you wish for.

Parker reading child’s pages of The Three Little Pigs by Dev Ross and doing well with many BOB Books for Advancing Beginners by Bobby Lynn Maslen.


Miles assembled first-class lever from Noeo’s Ein-O Science kit.  Reading How Do You Lift A Lion?  by Robert E. Wells.

Miles assembled the Extendable Zigzag Gripper (an example of a series of interlocking levers) and has found many uses for them!

Parker assembled the trolley.  It was used to transport Lego guys across the living room.  The boys liked this kit so much that they requested to ‘do science’ during a play break time, and they created different levers.

Reading Canoe Country Wildlife by Mark Stensaas for vivid and sometimes amusing facts about animals and birds of the Boundary Waters.  For example, did you know that moose have green hair between between their toes?  The author says that it is caused by pheromones released during the rut.  We were surprised to learn that black flies have a favorite color and that it is blue.   And we were amazed that a chipmunk can hold 70 sunflower seeds in their mouth!  The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle tied in nicely with some facts about fireflies.  If You Had a Nose like an Elephant’s Trunk by Marion Dane Bauer helped us compare animals, birds, and insects’ body features to ours.

Math and Logic

Continue working on multiplication and addition facts, time telling, and coin counting.  The boys enjoy playing a bit of Cool Math Games.


Continue working on Christmas concert and group performance pieces, as well as others.  Listening daily to Suzuki books one, two, and three.  Continue learning about Scarlotti, Bach, and Handel and listening to The Cat’s Fugue (Scarlotti) and Water Music (Handel).  Enjoyed reading Sebastian:  A Book About Bach by Jeanette Winter, and used The Great Composers:  Handel by Stanley Sadie as a resource book.

Everyone has been getting into all genres thanks to Spotify.  The boys really like variations of Pokemon songs and remixes, especially of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Health and Wellness

Family Swim night continues to be a fun, relaxing time to play in the water.

Needing some down time without siblings and with some special items, Parker put out this blanket and declared it to be all his space, no visitors.  He liked being in the same room with us, but just needed some space.  In no time, his siblings were having fun laying claim to other blanket-covered rectangles of living room.

Warmer weather makes it easier for long afternoon trips to the play park.

Your Body Battles an Earache by Vicki Cobb was particularly interesting to Parker this week.

If you’re looking for a shopping alternative on the day after Thanksgiving, the Minnesota History Society is offering Black Friday Specials.

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