Week Eighteen



Pre-Christmas concert pose by the piano at our teacher’s house.  All played beautifully!

This is Miles’ performance of Deck the Halls (duet with Dad) during our most recent lesson.  My concert-day footage did not turn out well, but the guys all played excellently!

This is Parker playing Jingle Bells (duet with Dad) during our most recent lesson.

In the style of Miles’ group performance class, we are learning about and listening to music in the Classical Period (1750-1820) composers:  Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, and Clementi.  We played a matching game of composer’s face to his name (pictures from John Brimhall’s Introduction to Great Keyboard Composers and added them to our homemade ‘Humungous History Book’ (a very large cardboard book with a time line to help organize special times and historical characters in Europe and America that we continuously add to.

Health and Wellness


Snow what fun!IMG_4655

We continue to enjoy the park and playing with our buddies there.  Sometimes we duck into the park center to read a book and warm up (or trade Poke cards).


Begin to read DK’s Eye Wonder Space by Simon Holland and make play dough planet models.

World Book’s Rain Forest Animals and cacao plants and Beans to Chocolate by Inez Snyder to wrap up our chocolate unit.


IMG_4649DK’s I’m a Scientist Kitchen by Lisa Burke  gave us some fun experiments to supplement our science curriculum.


Testing strength of different types of bridges (arched bridge above).  Miles really liked this activity.


The corrugated paper bridge was the strongest because of all the triangle shapes (triangle shapes direct the weight right into the ground).  Wiki Answers has more about triangles and strength.  Bridge activity also from DK’s I’m a Scientist Kitchen.

Language Arts


Both boys have been writing and illustrating many short books.

Parker and Ruby especially enjoyed reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Mother Goose Picture Puzzles by Will Hillenbrand for classics that are a bit easier for Parker (and even Ruby) to read.  Also enjoying Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight? by Jerry Pallota and Sing-Song and Other Poems for Children by Christina G. Rossetti.

Math and Logic


Fractions and trail mix.  Noticing how 1/4 cup plus 1/4 cup is the same as 1/2 cup.


Our easy trail mix based on whatever we had on hand.  Everyone took turns measuring.


Chocolate graph from Homeschool Share‘s chocolate unit.

IMG_4582Growing an amaryllis bulb, charting its height, and guessing when it will bloom.  It grew five inches in a week.

IMG_4586Symmetry and snowflakes, folding paper and cutting snowflakes.  A Drop of Water by Walter Wick has great pictures and activity ideas for all forms of water.


Geometry and tangrams.  Paper tangram from Activity Village.  Grandfather Tang’s Story:  A Tale Told with Tangrams by Ann Tompert.  Geometry by Penny Dowdy was a good review of shapes.


It got a bit bent on the way home, but we can see different geometric shapes in the reflection.  This art was inspired by a sculpture at Silverwood Park.


We did these crafts with the wonderful families in our home school group at Silverwood Nature Center’s Kaleidoscope and Geometry in Nature class.



Gingerbread people and symmetrical shapes.

Shape:  A first poem book about shape by Felicia Law.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Museum Shapes to help review shapes.  Me, Frida by Amy Novesky and finding Mexico and California on the globe and drawing our dreams.

Social Studies

Great winter fable Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman by Helen Hover.  Drew maps of a room in our home, activity from My World by Ira Wolfman.  Learning parts of hills and mountains from Beginning Geography.


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