Week Nineteen


Happy Holidays!  This picture is in Yellowstone National Park, as you may have guessed, and it was taken during our fall trip.  We’ll be on winter recess for a bit.  See you in 2013!


Now and Ben:  The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by Gene Barretta.  Benjamin Franklin by Marion Dane Bauer.   How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning by Rosalyn Schanzer.  Paint or draw inventions that you use or like as we read books.

Language Arts

Cat Tale by Michael Hall for homophones and homonyms.  Parker continues to read many BOB books, and enjoys longer beginner readers such as The New Puppy by Lynn Maslen Kertell.

Read Santa Claus:  The Number One Toy Expert and Lighthouse Christmas by Toni Buzzeo and begin writing activity My Gift to the World from TPT.

Health and Wellness

Eating the Alphabet:  Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert.  Parker writes sentences about some of his favorite foods from the book.  Miles makes a list and alphabetizes it.  Ruby paints her favorites.

IMG_4701Melting chocolate for pretzels.  Always a fun project to eat and share with buddies.

E is for Ethics:  How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most  by Ian James Corlett, has lots of great short stories for kids and have an open ending that they can complete.  Read Courage.

Math and Logic


Comparing and ordering number tiles.

Review of even and odd numbers with interesting ocean animal facts from Jerry Pallotta’s Ocean Counting:  Odd Numbers and Underwater Counting:  Even Numbers.  One of our favorites was the Flashlight Fish that has glow-in-the-dark bacteria on its skin.  We were surprised to read that Manta Rays can grow to be as wide as three elephants.

Social Studies

Sacagawea by Lise Erdrich.




We are trying some new practice games to play.  On the back of this old number puzzle, I wrote a musical term,  song, ‘name that Suzuki tune’, or ‘you choose’.  We are reviewing place value, so we create a large number by playing this game.  Miles chooses the nine, plays his song (or names the tune/says the correct musical term on the back) and places it in the thousands place.  The paper is labeled with each place value.

Miles focusing practice time on Arietta (Mozart) in preparation for January’s group class.  He also works on Hanon exercise number six (from The Virtuoso Pianist), Bartok’s Hungarian Folk Song, and other sight reading pieces.  Parker has been working on Cuckoo and Lightly Row (both German Folk songs) with both hands.

Listening to composers of the Classical time period (Clementi, Haydin, Beethoven, and Mozart), The Nutcracker Suite, the first three Suzuki discs, Lucy and Linus, and a quite a variety.


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