Winter Wonderland

Here are some joyful winter break moments!


Back yard skating and hockey sessions

IMG_4856Ruby up on skates

IMG_4934Quiet reading time (and library runs)

IMG_4893Rocking out on the basement keyboard

IMG_4940Decorating tasty pavlova dessert (from DK’s You Can Cook that Parker picked out)


Trying dirty water (jar on left) filtering experiment.  Green Science’s Clean Water Science kit.

IMG_4986Piano key action display during guided tour at the Schubert Club with buddies.

IMG_4994Miles playing historic Bechstein that Liszt, Bartok, Beethoven, Brahms, and other famous musicians performed on.


Music in the Home exhibit with piano played by the Schumanns, Brahms, and Mendelssohn.  The wall color (called pickle) was popular in the 1800s.


Learning about and playing instruments in the Gamelan Gallery.

IMG_5032Trying the Tenori-on game in the Musical Experimentation room


Sledding with buddies

Not pictured:  awesome family dinner and cousin play, visits with family and friends!


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