Week Twenty-Three

Health and Wellness



Adding finishing touches to a snow buddyIMG_5396

Yard and driveway sledding


Warm (and cold) weather late-afternoon skating sessions at the park.  Miles was helping Ruby skate in this last picture.

DK’s My Food Pyramid and How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food by Chris Butterworth, An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickmann (and drawing/labeling life cycle), and Journey of a Glass of Milk by John Malam.  The boys liked reading how milk goes from the cow, to the bulk tanks, into a tanker truck (from farm to farm until full) and then goes to the dairy.   We also learned about expiration dates.  Milk in our house tends to flow pretty steadily, and conversations about its expiration date rarely occur.

Enjoying family swimming night again!  There are lots of movement breaks throughout the school day, including jumping jacks, sit ups, dance parties, and races on Ruby’s hopper ball.


Decorating birthday cake that Miles designed (yes, that is a Lego girl on the top)
IMG_5356Celebrate!  Big birthday weekend with lots of cake, pizza, and family.



Matching the dinosaur with its name card.  Dinosaurs and Creatures of the Cretaceous by Kathryn Knight, Paleontology by Susan Gray, and Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki.  Discuss four characteristics of reptiles that some dinosaurs shared (breathe air, scales, lay eggs, cold-blooded).  Asking ‘Did dinosaurs drink the same water as we do?’ and review water cycle.


Testing the poles on circular magnets (at bottom of pencil), which are repelling each other hereIMG_5448

Using poles of magnets to push along a car.  Parker is holding a magnet and  there is another one taped to the top of the car.  Experiments with magnets from our Noeo Physics I kit.  Reading and activities from Magnetism by Peter Riley.


Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey (not many lessons are complete without Lego guys!), discuss what classification groups the animals are part of (bears, partridge, crow) and what these animals do to prepare for and during winter.   Comparing our blueberry picking experience to Sal’s.



Listening to Suzuki discs one through three, working on nursing home performance pieces (and making valentines to give to a resident).  Also playing the review pieces of the day (from chart from a couple weeks ago) in left, right, and both hands.  Miles working on sight reading book pieces and Hanon exercises.


Frederic Chopin by Mike Venezia and listening to pieces by Chopin (especially Dad’s Berecuse):  Etude in C Minor (“Revolutionary”), Nocturne in E Flat, and Chopin’s Waltz in D Major (“Minute Waltz”).  We were surprised to read that Chopin’s best friend was Franz Liszt.  Chopin lived in the early 1800s and was born in Poland.  Finding Poland on globe and discussing a bit about Poland’s political history in early to mid 1800s.

Math and Logic


Hide and seek dinosaurs:  counting our dinosaurs, sorting carnivores and herbivores (review what those mean too)

DinoDictionary for dinosaur heights graph, Dinosaur Countdown by Nicholas Oldland.

Adding more living (it sure gets us moving!) math from Mixing in Math.  Some examples are counting and recording the windows in the room, measuring and recording how many hand-spans our table is, estimating and counting the amount of crayons in our bin, and finding and recording the price on a book.


How many tablespoons in a cup?  Miles tallied and Parker measured.  Other volume activities from The Math Chef by Joan D’Amico and Karen Eich Drummond.

A fun look at different ways to measure from How to Train with a T.Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals by Michael Phelps.  One of our fave facts  was that he could leg press 300 pounds, which is the same as a T. Rex and 10 velociraptors.



Building on Nature:  The Life of Antoni Gaudi by Rachel Rodriguez.  Born in Spain, Gaudi lived during the late 1800s.  Looking at work by Gaudi on Pinterest.  Making dinosaur mosaic inspired by 101 Crafts for Kids.


Pop-up cards turned out well (to be given to a resident at our Out and About gig).  Similar to Enchanted Learning card.

Language Arts


Drawing a treasure box with paper covering (lift-the-flap style).  Inside the boys wrote and drew who and what they treasure.IMG_5467

Writing words with ‘tr’ (tree, trace, tracks…) and Little Treasures:  Endearments from Around the World by Jacqueline Ogburn and finding the countries on the globe.  Some of our favorites were ‘lambchop’ from Australia and myszka (little mouse) from Poland.  Max and Ruby’s Treasure Hunt by Rosemary Wells.


Dinosaur Pets by Kathleen Kudlinski.  The boys counted and glued 60 trianglular teeth into this t. rex’s mouth.  Drawing and writing about a dinosaur pet, including what the boys would feed it and what toys they would give it.

Now that family swim has started again, the boys wrote words that rhyme with pool, illustrated their favorite things to do at the pool, and wrote a short narrative.  Read Maisy’s Pool by Lucy Cousins for more splashy inspiration.

IMG_5491Parker likes Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems these days.  He also likes his ‘words to know by heart’ mini books.  Each day before reading his books aloud, he chooses a heart-shaped book (each has three or four sight words), reads them, and then chooses a sticker to put on the book.  We change-out the mini books every couple weeks when he agrees that they are too easy.


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