Week Twenty-Four

Health and Wellness


The hill was pretty fast this week!


Tagging along to see what happens

First things first:  recess!  With all this beautiful snow to play in, why not start the day out right with some outdoor fun?


Pick-up hockey with buddies at the rink every afternoonIMG_5573

Still enjoying our pre-dinner hours at the rink.

Feelings by Aliki.  As we read the short stories and cartoons, we would chat about the emotions.  Using similes to describe self.  For example all the items started ‘quick/cold/strong/brave, etc. as…’ and the boys completed them.  One of Parker’s similes was ‘cold as penguin water’!



Filling each glass with different amounts of water (5 3/4 inches to 3 1/4 inches) and comparing their pitch.  Trying to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Predicting if the highest and lowest guitar strings will look the same when plucked.  Then plucking, observing, and comparing their movents.  Rubber-Band Banjos and Java Jive Bass:  Projects and Activities on the Science of Music and Sound Alex Sabbeth

Squish!  A Wetland Walk by Nancy Luenn and ‘Wetlands’ by Seymour Simon from The Big Book for Our Planet.  While the boys listen, they draw pictures of wetland animals, insects, and birds and write key words in their Science notebooks.

Language Arts

IMG_5568Reading Ten Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle and activities to go along with the book such as skip counting by tens, and put paper ducks to the north, south, west, east, etc. as we read.

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco and writing about feelings.  The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant and writing and drawing about a family visit.  Miles noticed that the adults ‘chat and chat’ and the kids ‘play and play’.  He also recalled that in warmer weather we race them to the corner as they drive away.

Vowel Family by Sally M. Walker was a story about vowels and their function in words.

James Marshall’s Mother Goose and funny jokes from Knock, Knock! Who’s There?, a compilation from fourteen artists such as Chris Raschka and Tomi Depaola.

Miles has been enjoying reading books about animals on BookFlix.  Read What and Where:  The Sound of WH by Robert B. Noyed and Cynthia Klingel and wrote a list of words with that blend.


Waiting for the ‘pitch’.  We used various spelling words and language arts questions (such as what is a synonym for sleepy) to play indoor ‘baseball’.  For example, one of Parker’s ‘pitches’ would be to spell box Then he would run to first base (a paper taped to our floor).

IMG_5587Reading The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle and listing contractions and compound words.  Also discussing if fireflies are invertebrates/vertebrates and so on.

Math and Logic


New games from Miss Brain’s Cool Math by Kelli Pearson.


Money in the Bank (from Miss Brain’s Cool Math) is a coin counting game.  The first player turns over a card, and if it is black, then the player takes that many cents from the ‘bank’ (next to the little sign).  If it is red, then they put that many cents into the ‘bank’.  After a few rounds, we counted coins and reviewed skip counting by fives and tens.IMG_5515

Decimals and practice putting prices in order in our toy store.  Decimals by Claire Piddock.


Using small calendars to talk about our week.  For example I would say, put a p (Miles would write ‘piano’) on the second Saturday of the month.  IMG_5565

Recording sheet for Pigs in a Pen game.IMG_5567

Another game from Miss Brain’s Cool Math by Kelli Pearson.  Roll dice, put the ‘pigs’ (coffee beans) in rubber band ‘pen’ and repeat with other ‘pen’.  Choose math operation (Parker adding, Miles multiplying) and record the equation.

We also played fraction games (sorry, none pictured) and did cookie fractions by looking at fractions in a recipe.  The recipe called for one stick of butter, so we talked about what fraction of a pound that is.  This recipe also called for one tablespoon of water, and we figured out what fraction of a cup that is as well.  Miles practiced reading the recipe all the way through before beginning to measure.


Adding family ages to a number line

Using tallies to track how many times we skated, sledded, and swam last month.  Skating was the winner with 17 times!



Learning about Henri Matisse in Snail Trail:  In Search of a Modern Masterpiece by Jo Saxton.  Everyone made a snail (complete with ‘googly eyes’ in the style of Matisse.   A Book About Color by Mark Gonyea and making gumball machine pictures, discussing how colors may affect our mood and feelings.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Mike Venezia.  We were surprised to learn that Mozart could play the violin perfectly at age four.  Continuing to listen to Suzuki discs one through three, as well as a huge variety of music.  The boys enjoy their piano lessons.  Miles practices the F scale this week, as well as Bartok’s Hungarian Folk Song, Swinging Beat, and other Suzuki book review songs.  Parker has been getting the hang of adding left hand C chords to many folk songs:  French Children’s Song, Lightly Row, London Bridge, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Social Studies


My Family by Sheila Kinkade and Our Grandparents:  A Global Album by Maya Ajmera.  Make family trees, listing all the way back to great grandparents.


Making a mini-book about Chinese New Year, taking notes from Celebrations by Anabel Kindersley.  We’re also planning to study Carnival (Brazil) and N’cwala (Zambia) in February.

Welcome to My Neighborhood by Quiara Alegria Hudes, making a map of our neighborhood, discussing what is in our neighborhood, and writing directions to favorite spots.


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