Week Twenty-Five

Health and Wellness

The warm water and catching up with buddies at family swimming night is perfect!


On one skate!


Likes to do ‘ice shows’ with spins and skating with arms out


Afternoons skating at the park may be wrapping up due to the chunky ice


Hitting the park when the ice is not good for skating


Valentine’s breakfast pancakes.  Some history of the holiday from Kaboose.


Kitchen helper


Super Strawberry Pudding from Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen.  These guys liked their pudding best frozen.

Math and Logic



Less Than Zero by Stuart J. Murphy and following along with a graph and number line.

Continue working on fact families with multiplying, adding, and subtractions and Singapore math workbooks.


Valentine cookie fractions, recipe adapted from All Recipe’s The Best Sugar Cookie (we used half the sugar and white whole wheat flour).   Miles also read through the entire recipe before he began measuring and mixing.


Social Studies


The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown.  The author’s pseudonym was Golden MacDonald, and we discussed what a pseudonym is and what the boys would choose.  Some possibilities were Orange Gumball and Blue Gumball.  Review geographic parts of an island and book vocabulary.  List vertebrates and invertebrates in book.  Learn about Australia (country that’s an island) and create a model using salt dough and cardboard (1/2 c flour, 1 c salt plus water to moisten:  recipe and idea sparked from Chocolate Muffin Tree).

Learn about Carnival in Celebrations by Anabel Kindersley.  Brazil map from Paint the Map, talking about its position on the globe and other geography.  Then drawing and labeling equator and adding ocean names along coast.


Adding Abe Lincoln to our low-tech history timeline/’humungous’ book (which is structured like our MacPhail music theory group class timeline).  Reviewed Abraham Lincoln by Peter Benoit and Presidents of the United States by Dalmation Press.  Made Abe Lincoln faces with beards and hats using black paper rectangles and squares.


Animal Humane Society visit to donate items from their wish list (we are learning about animals, pets, and shelter).

Very fun Valentine’s Day party with buddies and awesome home school families.

Language Arts

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.  Review parts of speech (all those adjectives in the title inspired this).  Wrote about and drew the opposite (the boys couldn’t come up with a bad day), an excellent day.

Shoes:  The Sound of SH by Peg Ballard.  List sh- words.  Trace, measure, and graph our family’s shoes.

Homophones and The Aunts Go Marching by Maurie J. Manning.  Looking at a long list of homophones, choosing some, and drawing pictures of each.  Miles practiced his doubles multiplication using the book’s lyrics (sung to same children’s song ‘The Ants Go Marching’).

Fun weekend spelling bee (initiated by the boys!).

Shape Me a Rhyme by Jane Yolen and creating a diamante poem to review parts of speech with guidance from K12 Reader.  Listening for rhymes in poem endings in The Haircut by Jessica Shaw.

DLTK’s site for Valentines crosswords, anagrams, and other fun holiday items.  You can make your own message at DLTK’s custom cryptogram page. Ruby is really into fingerplays and songs and enjoyed the ones on Hennepin County Library’s Birth to Six site.



Fog in a jar.  Weather by Deborah Chancellor and Meteorology by Christine Taylor-Butler.  Charting the weather (from EcoKids) in Science notebooks.  Reading about how meteorologists (and others) get to Antarctica on Ice Cube and what it’s like there.  Making fog experiment from Weather Wiz Kids.


Coud in a bottle.  Experiment also from Weather Wiz Kids.  Painting basic types of clouds (cirrus, cumulus, and stratus) on blue paper.  Discussing what ingredients are needed for clouds (water, pressure, and particles).  Cloud facts from Weather Wiz Kids.  Reading Fog and Cloud poems from Water, Water Cycle, and Weather Poems.


Drying paper plate jellyfish, idea modeled after Scrapbooks Etc, and jellyfish basics from Discovers Kids.  Looking at largest (lion’s mane at Wikipedia) and smallest jellyfish (irukandji at Wikipedia).

Seashore biomes and looking at pictures online of sawfish, tiger fish, flounder with sentences describing plants, animals, and other characteristics on each page.  Reading Lightship by Brian Floca, discussing the weather (especially fog) and what it may be like to live on a boat.  Surrounded by Sea by Gail Gibbons and discussing the seasons of an island community.  The Seashore:  A Saltwater Web of Life by Philip Johansson.  Pirate basics by skimming Pirates by Philip Steele.

IMG_5728Noticing the effects of the sun on the ice.

My Lively Heart and Lungs by Lauren Taylor and making heart facts books.  “Ways Birds Say I Love You” Ellen Lambeth in a Ranger Rick Magazine.  Our favorite was how white-front terns bring a gift of fish to another.


Catchy song to remember the Oceans’ names (sung to My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) from Kindergarten Nana (scroll way down).  Listening to Suzuki discs one through three daily, as well as lots of favorite pieces.  Continue working on practice pieces as assigned in last week’s lesson.


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