Week Twenty-Seven

Health and Wellness

Hooray for family swim night!  We love reconnecting with buddies while snorkeling, diving, and treading in a 92 degree pool!


Trying out cross country skiing and snowboarding at our bluff and valley land

Check out Our Bluff and Valley page (go to the website if you’re reading this in your email) for new weekend snowboard, sledding, and crosscountry ski pics.  The boys illustrated and wrote about their new snow sport skills in their language arts journals.

Now that the ice rink is not maintained, we have been enjoying checking in with our fun park buddies while playing on the huge snow piles.


Listening to Suzuki piano school one through three discs and nursery rhyme playlist (from our old Music Together class days).  Reading Handel by M.T.Anderson and journaling key interests about this composer.  Listened to to Handel’s Water Music and looked at illustrations of the scene as it may have looked on the River Thames in the 1700s.

Continuing to have great lessons with our teacher at MacPhail.  Miles is learning how to use the different pedals.

Math and Logic

Attempting some of the Iditarod’s 30 Problems to Solve.  Math bingo games and Singapore workbooks continues.  Working on perimeter of squares, rectangles, and different types of triangles.

Language Arts


Scrabble Jr



Whose Coat Is This? by Laura Purdie Salas and writing words rhyming with coat as well as words with the ‘oa’ blend (snowboard).  Jan Brett’s Three Snow Bears and looking at some native artifacts and animals at her site.  The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and learning key words such as dojo, sayonara, and sensei.  Comparing both stories with the traditional ones.

The Wonder Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal for funny ‘The Less Famous Friends of Mary Mack’ and practicing words that rhyme with different colors.  We read ‘Week at a Glance’ as the boys filled out blank March calendars.

Iditarod’s Daily Grammar Sentence Practice, as well as working on phonics, Explode the Code, and Writing books.



We made ice floes as we talked about the arctic

Ice Is Nice!  by Bonnie Worth and listing mammals and birds of the Arctic and Antarctica.  A Polar Bear’s World by Caroline Arnold.  ‘Life on the Ice’ by Hannah Schardt, an article about harp seals, in Ranger Rick magazine.  Miles wrote acrostic poem about snow.  CK-12 for Polar Climates.  Arctic Tundra and Polar Deserts by Chris Woodford covered modern and ancient people as well as mammals and geography.

Project Wet’s hydration activity for elementary ages and journaling about importance of water and ways water travels out and comes into our bodies.

Social Studies

Iditarod begins March 2 and we will follow at their page.  The Great Serum Race:  Blazing the Iditarod Trail by Debbie S. Miller and more about Alaska at Alaska Kids’ Corner.


Inuit finger mask project

Learning about the native people of the arctic and Alaska in My Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews, which is a story about a girl living in an Inuit village in northern Canada. Learning more about native people of the arctic and tundra at this site.

The Cats in Krasinski Square by Karen Hesse, a story set in Russia, and discussing World War II and experiences of Jewish children, women, and men.

Hello World! by Manya Stojic and learning how to say ‘hello’ in Inuktitut:  Kiana!, Russian:  Zdravstvuite!, Japanese:  Konnichiwa!.

Finish The Oregon Trail by Mel Friedman and If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon by Ellen Levine.  Learning about the Gold Rush and Joe Juneau (Wikipedia).



Look!  Drawing the Line in Art by Gillian Wolfe and using joined-up/writing lines as a background, as in Bernard Perlin‘s (link is to his site) piece titled ‘Orthodox Boys’.


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