Week Thirty-One

Health and Wellness


Hiking into our land (snow too deep to drive), pulling supplies in a sled

Because of all the snow, we got to explore many areas that are usually covered in summer/fall brush and tall grasses.  More pictures at Our Bluff and Valley page (at the top of the home page).


M works quite a bit on Minuet 3 and Hungarian Folk Song (Bartok) as well as octaves, Hanon exercises, and sight reading books.


The piano was occupied, so he used the Lego-room keyboard for post-reading practice time

P is learning to add Alberti bass (Wikipedia site) in the left hand instead of chords to Lightly Row.  R is working on Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hot Cross Buns.


These questions review the most recent lesson and past topics.

Playing Music Baseball.  Players take turn answering a question.  Then they go to the next base (different living room furniture served as bases).

Reading parts of Joseph Haydn:  The Merry Little Peasant by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher.  Trying ‘Andante’ from the Surprise Symphony (included in the book) and reviewing stuccato marks (there are many in this piece) and others.


Octaves game. Reviewing and counting the octaves on the keyboard with a Lego dog. Count the ‘d’s on the keyboard.

Language Arts

Working on using descriptive words when comparing two objects or people.  Creative writing in journals about favorite adventures at the land.  Continue creative story writing and illustrating in homemade books.  Identifying nouns and adjectives and reviewing abbreviations for days of the week from Easter worksheets at Education.com.

Math and Logic


Estimating and measuring yard worms in both inches and centimeters.

Continue Singapore math workbooks and a variety of reviews.  M works on rounding with the rhymes ‘Less than four, slide back to Aunt Bess (who’s wearing a dress)’ and ‘Five or above, give it a shove’ and a number line shaped like a hill.  We also made a stick person wearing a dress and put it by the lower round number.



Some yarn eggs drying. Inside the balloons are foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.


A couple of the final results, after popping the balloon (and removing the chocolates!).

Yarn eggs from Instructables.  Learning about artist Lindsay Obermeyer (link to her site), who creates with yarn.  Also read about her philanthropy at The Red Thread Project and talked about what the Chinese proverb may mean:  “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”.

Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Can You Fint It Inside by Jessica Schulte.  As we read, all would guess the rhyming word (every other line rhymed).  Then we looked for listed objects within the picture.



One of the fourteen tadpoles. The greens are boiled lettuce. We give it to them twice per week, and on the other days they eat fish food.

Labeling frog life cycles, using Venn diagram to compare frogs and toads.  Singing Five Little Speckled Frogs (lyrics from Enchanted Learning).  Putting together a display board to include care schedule, life cycle, and names.


Drawing a bee and noticing main insect body parts

Insects.  Drawing bumblebees, dragonflies using 5 Steps to Drawing Crawlers and Fliers by Susan Kesselring as the kiddos listened to Honey in a Hive by Anne Rockwell and Bugs and Us by Patricia Murphy.  Listing ways that insects are helpful and harmful.


The large exposed seeds are avocado. We will also grow apple seeds too.

How Does Your Garden Grow?  by Clare Matthews and growing avocados and sunflower seeds.  Review what seeds need to grow in Think Like a Scientist in the Garden by Matt Mullins.   Comparing sizes of seeds.

Metamorphosis and butterfly life cycle.  Illustrating stages of development in science journals as we read Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons and Butterfly Garden by Margaret McNamara.

Social Studies

The Great St. Lawrence Seaway by Gail Gibbons and lesson in our Geography workbook.  Looking at pictures at Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System’s site.

If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln by Ann McGovern and also learning about Clara Barton.  Illustrating how people traveled in SocialStudies notebook.  Also illustrating how travel, message delivery, and cooking changed during Lincoln’s lifetime.  Discussing what composers were alive during this time period.

Learning about Fassika, Easter in Ethiopia, and how it is celebrated in Celebrations! by Anabel Kindersley.

Happy Easter!  We’ll be on a short break, and we’ll be back in April.


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