Week Thirty-Two

Social Studies


The prairie exhibit at the History Museum. These are tread mills set up to simulate the plowing with oxen experience.

We also visited the Mill City Museum.

Health and Wellness


With all the snow melt-off, we’re back to biking to the park!


Kick ball’s back!

We enjoyed many bike rides, walks, and play times with buddies.

Langauge Arts

M worked on writing using comparisons such as ‘larger than/smaller than’ and so on.  He also illustrated and wrote many comics this week.  P worked on parts of a story (especially characters and setting) and making his own story about camping at night.


Mozart:  The Wonder Boy by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher.  Review which musical period Mozart lived in, where he was born, and what was going on in America during that time.  We tried Mozart’s Minuet in G (music printed in the book) that he composed when he was only five years old.

Both M and P have been working on their Group Performance class pieces (as well as other assignments from last lesson).  M plays Bartok’s Hungarian Folk Song and P plays Lightly Row for theory and performance class.

Science and Math

Out on the Prairie by Donna M. Bateman.  According to this book, the Badlands National Park in South Dakota has the US’s largest prairie.

P finished his extra Singapore workbook.  M continues Easter word problems and rounding practice.


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