Week Thirty-Three


Making a monster by blowing the paint around with a straw


We mixed primary colors as we read Monsters Love Color.

Monsters Love Color by Mike Austin.  Primary and secondary color review.  Inspired by former ECFE classes, we made sensory bags of secondary color ‘glurch’.  As we read, we added a tablespoon of cornstarch, two teaspoons (or so) of water, and drops of primary colored food coloring into the snack-sized baggies.



Practice beads: after playing performance piece once, M and P slide over a letter. Then they choose a different octave and repeat. The goal is to play their pieces 5 or more times a day until the concert.


Lessons (including playing on the bike racks) continue to be a joy of the week.

Parker’s Lightly Row performance at the spring recital in Antonello Hall

Miles’ Hungarian Folk Song by Bartok

Springy songs from Can Teach.



The sunflowers have sprouted.

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons.  Illustrate a seed and describe how it grows.  Label leaves and roots.  Review other facts with Seed and Plant Baseball! game.  Most questions are true or false items such as scientists who study about plants are botanists, some seeds need a forest fire to sprout, and annuals are plants that live for only one season.


Planting white, pinto, and lentil bean seeds.


Covering up the seeds for germination.

Learning about Gregor Mendel and traits from Think Like a Scientist in the Garden by Matt Mullins.


Cerebrospinal fluid activity from My Amazing Brain for Juniors

Discussing the brain and showing how cerebrospinal fluid cushions the brain.  First we placed an uncooked egg into a plastic egg and dropped it (egg broke).  Second  we put corn syrup into the plastic egg with a new uncooked egg.  This time when we dropped it, it did not break because the fluid cushioned it.


Choosing from the mystery bag. Then decide which of the five senses you can use to describe that item. Some items in the bag: sand paper, soft hat, chocolate chips, salt

Outside-In by Clare Smallman.  The Way We Work:  Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body by David Macaulay.  Some activities from Homeschool Share.

Language Arts

Two Blue Jays by Anne Rockwell and using graphic organizer to record characteristics of birds.  Alphabetizing birds on the back inside cover.  M also practicing components to the Thank-You Letter.  P working on parts of stories.

Checked out Starfall’s Garden Shop.

Here’s a Little Poem by Jane Yolen and review of types of poems.

Health and Wellness

Family swim night is back!


The spring melt-off created a small pond. Good for tossing snowballs into, but there are no fish.

More photos from recent land visit at Our Bluff and Valley page.  We heard an owl when we first arrived.  We saw deer, a turkey vulture soaring and heard many birds.


Snowy day! Maybe the last chance to make a snowman this season before the warmer weather comes.

Math and Logic


Trefoil knot with M’s arms and a piece of yarn. Activity from Math Trek: Adventures in the Math Zone by Ivars Peterson.

Learning about physicist Lord Kelvin (William Thomson), who inspired mathematicians to study knots.


Place value practice. M chooses number tiles and arranges them on the paper. Read the number and then say which is in the hundreds/ones/tens/thousands place.

Fraction practice from Visual Fractions.  Estimating and measuring head, neck, wrist, ankle, waist, and then coloring the corresponding bones on a skeleton printout.  Continue practicing all operations (X, /, -, +) daily.

Social Studies

Riddles from Geogra-Fleas!:  Riddles All Over the Map by Joan Holub.   Review of some American historic political events in  Red, White, and Blue:  The Story of the America Flag by John Herman.


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