Week Thirty-Five

Quick catch up:  Everyone under the weather for a week plus main basement drain backing up plus awesome weather for a few days equals no time for blogging.  Glad you checked in and happy to be back to our daily flow!

Health and Wellness


Finding a possible fox hole at the land while playing catch.


Pitch-back at the land. Great for grounder and pop-up practice.

Awwww, family swim was canceled (plumbing problem).  But hooray for coach pitch baseball begins after a week’s delay due to the snow-covered field.  Awwww, coach pitch canceled due to freezing rain.


R supremely satisfied to get the hang of her bike AND be able to put her feet on the rest.

Late afternoon bike rides to play park continue (unless it’s snowing).

You Can Cook by Annabel Karmel for recipe choices, measuring practice, reading recipes, and food group review.


How Your Eyes Work by Carol Ballard.  Illustrating and drawing major parts of the eye and discussing purposes.  P thought this experiment (from book) was cool:  First cover eyes and then count to 100.  Look in mirror to observe pupil dilation.

One Small Square:  Forest by Donald Silver.  Illustrating mammal, insect, bird, and plant of the forest.  Looked for deer and other forest details in Henry Lewis’ painting Indians Hunting Deer at Night on the Mississippi (from the Art Treasure Hunt by Doris Kutschbach).

Math and Logic


When weather permitted, we brought our work outside. This made for a quick transition to movement time.

Both boys finished their Singapore math workbooks and are embarking on Critical Thinking Company’s Mathematical Reasoning books.  We are planning to carry on with Math (Language Arts, and Chemistry) through the summer, and will of course add lots of summer fun activities.  Adding post-lunch math games to review facts (some homemade and some from First Grade a la Carte).

Although we are pretty tight on screen time here and encourage more outside time, we are trying a month’s subscription of IXL to cover our math bases and change things up.

Social Studies


Railroad scene created as we read. Illustration included choice of bird, mammal, fish, insect, and reptile.

What was the Gold Rush? by Joan Holub and learning how it was related to the transcontinental railroad.  Practiced rhyming words in Rickety Train Ride by Tony Mitton (Here’s a Little Poem by Jane Yolen) and I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (A Children’s Treasury of Songs by Linda Bleck).

Wrapping up Beginning Geography book with continent of Europe study.  Rome Antics by David Macaulay had a good, basic overview of major structures in Rome.

Study of the largest continent, Asia.  Reading The Prince Who Ran Away:  The Story of Guatama Buddha by Anne Rockwell.  The Story That Grew (based on a story from Bengal) from Two-Minute Bedtime Stories by Elena Pasquali.  The Cool Continents section of Geogra-fleas: Riddles All Over the Map by Joan Holub was a fun way to review continent names.

Language Arts

Both boys also completed their various language arts books, and are beginning Critical Thinking Company’s Language Arts.

Continuing with types of poetry with Guyku:  A Year of Haiku for Boys by Rob Raczka and Here’s a Little Poem by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters.


Learning about Cinco de Mayo.  Viva Mexico:  The Folk Arts by George Acona.  Using the book’s guidelines to make paper mache fruits and vegetables.


Painting in fresco, or on plaster of paris, in the fashion of artist Raphael

Raphael by Mike Venezia.


Daily listening continues (Suzuki piano books one through three).  Of the various weekly lesson assignments, M’s favorite piece is Minuet in G Major (Bach).  He is also preparing Hungarian Folk Song (Bartok) for next week’s Honor’s Recital.   Last group class for the school year.  P  will perform Lightly Row with both hands (block chords in left) and M will play Minuet in G Major.    Singing songs from A Children’s Treasury of Songs by Linda Bleck.


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