Week Thirty-Six


M played Hungarian Folk Song by Bartok.  Click above to see the performance (if you’re at the website).

P played Lightly Row, a folk song in Suzuki Book 1.  Click above to see the performance (if you’re at the website).

M and P received perfect attendance award in group class!  Also got to attend special pool party with our teacher to celebrate 100 Days of Practice Club!

Our plan is to be part of the 10 Performances Program this upcoming school year.  M and P would need to play the same piece for 10 different performances during the year.


Checking out the Gamelan instruments at the Schubert Club

Guided tour at the Schubert Club with some members of our homeschool group.

Health and Wellness


First coach pitch baseball practice

Family Swim, good splashy fun

Plant a Row for the Hungry in our land’s garden (Second Harvest’s program).  We are hoping enough of our food grows so we can share.

We are starting a project to compile recipes that the boys and R like to eat and can learn to make (with supervision). Each simple recipe includes a picture of the food pyramid (for them to color in the group) and picture of them making or eating the food.  We will also discuss where the food comes from (a bit of geography).  This week we made Sunrise Smoothies and Yellow Rice.  After we finish making all the recipes, the boys will make a cover, number the pages, and create a table of contents and index.



Garden eels at Sea Life


Jellyfish exhibit


Trip to Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium with buddies, learning about sharks.

Understanding Food and Digestion by Robert Snedden.  Illustrating and writing about favorite foods, discussing taste buds and basic food digestion process and vocabulary.


Bringing water back for the terrarium project at Silverwood Park


Adding an animal, plant, soil, and water to complete habitat


Completed terrariums

We enjoyed a class about ecosystems and habitats with our homeschool group at Silverwood Park.

Social Studies

The Great Race:  The Story of the Chinese Zodiac by Dawn Casey.  Discussing calendars.  Review continents.

Explore different types of homes and how they’re built in Gail Gibbons How a House Is Built.  Illustrating one type of home using cray-pas.  Let’s Go Home by Cynthia Rylant highlighted the emotional, instead of structural, reasons why each room is unique.  Good Deed Scouts Help Their Neighbors by Jan Berenstain and thinking of ways we can be good neighbors and friends.


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