Minnesota Snow Soap

It’s ready at my shop at Etsy and at Fire Roast Cafe later this week! http://fireroastcafe.com/

flourish Soaps

As I was shoveling the other day, I was remembering how much my youngsters love to play in this heavy, wet snow.  Perfect for forts, snow people, sledding ramps, you know the fun!  I have to admit that a few inches of it is not easy to shovel, and as other not-so-joyful thoughts (you probably can recall some of your own here) came to mind, I realized that this snow could actually be useful to an adult.  I could use it to make soap!  I first saw this idea on a soap resource site, and there are many variations But here is my version using Minnesota March snow!  It was a delightful process, and the soap smells so refreshing!

IMG_4047 Clean, empty snow-catching vessel. Stay out, squirrels!

IMG_4054 Filling up fast.

IMG_4058 Looks like shave ice! But isn’t. I need a bigger bowl, as this is about 4 oz. For some reason the lighting makes…

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  1. janice maslo
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:03:26

    You are very creative gal, even when you are doing hard,heavy task; you are thinking of new products and ways to make them from the environment. Thanks for being so thoughtful of our earth. Your products are WONDERFUL. Jan x


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