Happy Halloween 


Monkey Bars

All the gymnastics helping R rock out on the monkey bars!

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Perfect on a rainy day!



Halloween Spirit

Spelling words this week have the ‘dg’ and ‘qu’ blends.  We made spelling spiders (an activity I saw on Pinterest) and on each leg, R wrote one of the qu or dg spelling words.

Good book for showing different ways to count money.

Piano Lessons

 Noticing new (or new to me!) artwork in the hall on our way to lessons.  We always come away with positive motivations!

Ballet Friday

We were treated to classical ballet and modern dance movements by the James Sewell ballet at Cowles center this morning.  Our favorites were trying body puzzles (make a circle in the air with your left hand while making a square with your right), zombie dance called Grave Matters, seeing the fog hazer, and classic ballet.


The Jungle Book

From the Grand Canyon to the jungle!



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