Summer Stay-cation Week Five


Solar oven plans from Ecohearth…pizza box meets foil, black construction paper, and newspaper.  This day we melted the cheese on tortilla chips in about thirty minutes.  Using our oven thermometer,  we saw that the solar oven warmed to about 150 degrees.

Another day we placed the solar oven in an even sunnier, all pavement area and it warmed to 250 degrees (it was about 98 degrees this day).  We melted a quarter cup of chocolate chips in about fifteen to twenty minutes (even after the oven got sprayed by the hose!).

Chocolate covered pretzels using the chocolate melted in our solar oven.

Language Arts

Checking out Central Library

Over a couple days of self-directed pace, Parker completed the word search.

Animal Jokes compiled by Pam Rosenberg was Miles’ favorite.  We also picked up many from the Berenstain Bear series and some by Chris Van Dusen.

Happy 4th of July!

Wabun Splash Pool


Ruby working on an ice sculpture, idea from The Chocolate Muffin Tree.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A favorite piece from Dale Chihuly.

Reading scavenger hunt items

Throwing a coin in the fountain

Health and Wellness

Checkers using items on hand.  We played lots of Star Wars Monopoly and war using decks of cards (and read lots of books) during the 100ish degree temperatures this week.

Cooling off at our local pool in the late afternoons.  We talked about heat-related illness and why we stay out of the sun and drink lots of water on upper-90 degree days.